It Works?

For those of you who have any form of social media you may have noticed this thing called It Works. I imagine most of you have because I hear people discuss it quite often!

It was requested that I make a satirical piece about the company and the posts people make pertaining to it and I’m not one to not accept a good challenge!

So if you are a person who sells It Works just know that this is not meant to offend but to make you laugh. If you’re offended well then call my lawyer!

When You First See Someone Post About It Works


When They Mention How Much More Money They’re Making


When They Talk About Wanting To Wrap Their Friends


When They Show Results Photos And You Can See The Difference


When They Show Results Photos But You’re Trying To See The Difference


When Your Friend Asks Who Wants To Go On A Cruise


Then They Message You Telling You If You Sell It Works You Can Go On A Cruise


When Someone Posts A Picture Claiming To Have Lost 20 Lbs In 4 Days


When Your Facebook Feed Is Filled With 20 Posts About It Works


When The Owner Of It Works Says It’s A Pyramid


Pyramid Scheme?


Trying To Tell A Friend You’re Not Interested In Selling It Works


When Someone Messages You Asking If You Want To Help Lose Weight With A Wrap

giphy (1)

Then You Realize They Think You Need To Lose Weight


When You Ask Your Friend For A Turkey Wrap And They Don’t Get It


When You Have To Unfollow Your Friend Because They Talk About It Works Too Much


When They Post A Graph But You Forgot How To Read Graphs


When They Tell You They’re A Ruby And You’re To Busy Shinning Bright Like A Diamond


When They Say Thanks To It Works They Eat Better And Work Out And You’re Sitting Here Like  Yeah That’s Why You Look So Good!


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