I Can’t Control My Face

Am I the only one who suffers from not being able to control the emotions shown on my face?

Just like my mouth, often my face is lacking a filter…so when I say one thing my face is telling another!

Which considering I went to school for Acting I should have some control on that…but since I’m not playing a character I suppose I’m slacking…or I just need to get into character.

Let me explain further with some examples for you!

Say someone gets you a really bad present…most people would fake excitement…me I do this


When you’re mad about something and someone asks ‘Is everything ok?’


But then they push the issue…and whatever lie you were holding in now becomes anger at the person asking…so you try to lie again but you can’t control how your face looks.


When you see someone you don’t like but you have to pretend everything is cool…but your face can’t do it…


When seeing the person turns into an extended amount of time spent together and you’re just like


Then they try to have a conversation with you and you’re just like


Sometimes even a really good friend can tell you a story that’s just not interesting and your face just can’t fake it


When good friends bitch about their significant other that you’ve already told them is no good…most faces would be supportive but not your face


It’s really difficult when your parents or family try to talk to you about where your life is going


Or when they try to tell you about their boring ass day and your face tells them that you just don’t care


I must also mention that it’s exceptional difficult to control this wild beast of a face when I’m at say a speech tournament…most faces look encouraging while my face generally is unimpressed…or so I’m told.


Which is two times worse when I’m watching my own kids perform


Or like at work when a guest tries to complain about something that really doesn’t even matter


Sometimes you can’t even fix your face for your coworkers when they ask how your day is going


I literally have no concept of when I’m rolling my eyes….thanks a lot face!


It’s really difficult when someone tells a story or joke that they think is really funny and you get to the punch line and you’re like


When someone is lying to you and you know they’re lying. You may say otherwise but your face ain’t having it


I can’t help it if I suffer from resting bitch face…


It’s not my fault my face is an asshole! Sorry you’ll just have to deal with it!

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