Fuller House And We Have Some Questions!

As many of you recently read Netflix is looking at bringing Full House back from the dead. A new show called Fuller House would follow an adult DJ and her bff Kimmy.

This got me thinking that as a fan of the original show and having probably seen every single episode ever that I have some questions that need answered. While I understand that the show doesn’t officially have the green light yet that doesn’t mean I should have to wait like this for plot details!!!

As many of you remember the ending of the original show was abrupt. Like the whole episode was about Michelle falling off a horse and losing her memory…and wasn’t really a series finale at all!

So here are a few questions we are going to need answered!

Is DJ Married To Steve?


Lets face it…I want to think that Dj and Steve got together…but if the new show is the same premise as the original that would mean Steve is now dead…and we simply can’t have that!

Did Joey Ever Find Love?


His longest relationship was like 3 episodes…poor Joey! I hope he found someone to love! Maybe he married Danny’s sister! Or maybe him and Roxy got back together!

Did Danny Ever Remarry?


At some point he had to be able to remarry? The girls had to let him move on…right?

Did He Marry Vicki?


Let’s face it! If he didn’t he should have! #dannyandvicki4ever

Will Aunt Becky Still Be The Coolest Aunt Ever?


Who didn’t want her to be there Aunt? She was so pretty and just so full of love for the girls and didn’t take shit from the boys!

Did Michelle Die?


Honestly Mary Kate and Ashley will probably never reprise their role. So you can talk about Michelle as if she lives somewhere distant or you can kill her…my vote is kill her!

What Does Kimmy’s Family Look Like?


How in 8 seasons do we not know what creatures created Kimmy Gibbler?

Do Danny and Becky still host Wake Up San Francisco?


Is the show still a thing? Or did the move upwards and onwards?

Do They Still Hang Out With The Beach Boys?


Apparently the Tanner clan was bffs with the Beach Boys…do they come to Thanksgiving?

Will Nicky And Alex Be Involved?


We don’t need them…but I’m curious!

Did Stephanie Become A Dancer?


I mean she killed that Boyz II Men number once she got her shit together!

Did Gia Die?


The last we saw she was in a serious car accident…then heard nothing! So like is she dead?

What Is The Current Status Of Mr. Woodchuck?


Did uncle Jesse finally kill him? Or is he still trolling people?

Did Rigby Really Get His Shit Together?


Or is he still ripping people off?

Has Stephanie Really Forgiven Michelle For Stealing Her Wish?


Michelle was a little bitch tbh and I still haven’t forgiven her!

Did Kimmy Ever Get Her Foot Odor Under Control?


Those things were out of control!

Did Jesse Ever Reunite With The Rippers?


They abandoned him but I think time can heal all!

What Happened To Joey’s Car Stephanie Drove Through The Kitchen?


I mean seriously? He loved that car then suddenly we never see it again!

Is The Smash Club Still Open?


Surely the club managed to survive the constantly changing music scene!

Have more questions you want answered? Submit them to me and I will add them to the list!

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