Just 22 Granite City Things…

Being from Granite City is a lifestyle…like being from the OC but covered in ash!

Not everyone can make it…only the strong survive.

Allow me to just highlight some very Granite City things!

When Someone Asks You Where You’re From


The Look They Give You When You Tell Them


When Someone Tries To Bring Up Granite City Politics


When The School District Says They’re Broke


Trying To Go Out And Not Be Seen By Anybody You Know


Judging People By Which Middle School They Went Too


When Someone Mentions Chinese Food And All You Can Think About Is Vin Hoa


The St. Elizabeth Carnival During The Day


The St. Elizabeth Carnival At Night


You Get Nervous Anytime You Hear Granite City In The News


You’re Never Shocked By The Stupid People They Choose To Interview


Making It On CNN For A Ketchup Strike At The High School

giphy (1)

Driving Around Wilson Park Looking At People Walking The Park


Having No Concept Of Why You Don’t Get A Smiley Face Cookie As An Adult When You Go See The Doctor


Remembering The Original Cookie From Mrs. Siebold’s


Finding Out That There Is An Entire Website Dedicated To Gossip In Granite City


Realizing You Might Be On It


Breathing Close To The Steel Mill


When They Tore Down The Movie Theater


When They Built A Nicer Movie Theater

giphy (2)

Bar Regulars In Granite City Bars


When Someone Mentions Edwardsville


 I’m sure there are more that I’m missing, that I’m sure people will suggest so look out for a sequel!

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  1. Born there, received a good education there, have many great memories there, meet some really outstanding friends there, parking out at the levy, Barneys, Park N Eat,norbs and snack Shack. Worked there for over 25 years at bank before Magna bought it. Kids tailed there and played sports in high school. Could go on and on so Granite is still my home town even though I have moved to Florida for my retirement.


  2. Gotta mention the cheesey potatoes from Jerry’s cafeteria, gitcho’s gas slogan “gitcho gas at gitchos” the entire city is blocked in by railroad tracks yet everyone hates the new overpass, and that we had to take square dancing in school!


  3. Ousting the town on national TV and school board in the late 90’s for the BS Jim Greenwald was doing is my favorite memory. I had New Yorkers asking me left and right what backwards prejudicial hypocritical ridden town I was currently living in. Thank god a nightmare no longer being lived! WORST TOWN EVER!!


  4. Don’t forget driving the Pantera/McDonalds circuit. My husband calls it Tapioca Rd instead of Nameoki just to annoy me. He also refers to the song “Shit Town” by Live, but a person can’t change where they grew up and I made a ton of good friends there that I am still in contact with, even though I live in CO now. I miss the July 4th carnival and fireworks as well, just a short walk from my parent’s house. They don’t have that same feel in bigger cities. I am also thankful for a quality public school education.


    • I will echo the quality of our public school education! District 9 was the best when we were going through it (1974-1987), and btw we were the best class! Go Co87!!! I couldn’t wait to get out of Granite and while I would NEVER move back, I do realize, having visited 47 of the 50 states and both large and small cities and towns, Granite City was not a bad place in which to grow up. I was just there for Bryan Harris’ dad’s funeral and I get sad every time I look around the town and see how the politicians just let it slip away.

      If you are offended by this, get a sense of humor. You HAVE to admit the picture depicting the bar regulars in Granite is SPOT ON!!!! Hahahaha!!!


  5. I have lived in Granite City my entire life….I really don’t see what is so good about it. They built a huge strip mall and can never keep it filled with businesses that stay in the places for very long. They put the new movie theater in the worst neighborhood imaginable….And if your poor and you live in Granite City….your considered scum of the earth by the “RICH” people.


  6. Sooo many stray cays in graniteshitty. Most of my step family lives there and they are wonderful people they have lived there for a long time since before it turned to shit. But a lot of dirt bags live in granite too. Lots of gang activity goes on. Also lots of meth comes out of granite.


  7. The last time I was in Granite City was for my Dad’s funeral. I flew in from Dallas only to be stopped by a train. I waited for the rickety little red TRRA caboose to pass and my glasses fogged over — not from the steel mill, but from the nostalgic tribute. My dad was, after all, a railroad engineer! I barely made it in time for the funeral, but somehow, I knew Dad was welcoming me back home!


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  9. Lived the first 25 years of my life in G.C. Have lived the last 15 in south st.Louis while I was really glad to get out(bored over aggressive cops,nothing to do,racist red neck s#!+heads)it was a nice safe place to grow up and I probably know about one cool open minded person per every three or four dumba$$ hicks. having said that nowadays its a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t wanna live there


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