Dear MTV


Look I enjoy a lot of your programs. I really do. I mean Teen Wolf is pretty freaking great.

Also you’re coming out with a TV version of Scream and honestly I’m really excited about it!

But part of me feels empty in your current programming. This might just be my opinion but I feel like after reading this a lot of people will agree with me or they won’t…whatever!

I just have a few suggestions…

Bring back the original Real World format!

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What made the Real World special was bringing a dynamic cast together of people wouldn’t necessarily socialize elsewhere. The first few seasons brought together people who were slightly racist or close minded and put them in a house with people outside of their comfort zone. The general outcome was a learning experience for all! Now while still slightly entertaining you cast people who will fight rather than learn from each other. As if you’re casting Bad Girls Club at the same time as the Real World. Also stop casting people to be on the show that you think would be good on The Challenge….

Bring back Road Rules

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Road Rules was so great when it was on! The dynamic of the 6 people being stuck together in an RV and seeing how long they could actually tolerate each other was fantastic. Throw in some crazy challenges and you’re set! Also we all loved The Challenge when it was Real World vs. Road Rules…watching The Real World kids get crushed was always a good time!

Bring back TRL

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That Carson was such an odd duck!

I’m not saying I would watch it now but it was an awesome after school show. It gave artists a reason to make music videos. Plus who doesn’t like a good Stan war. Like I can remember how dramatic it was waiting to see who would be number 1. Especially when The Boy is Mine battled Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing or every Backstreet Boys vs. N’Sync showdown!

Educate people!

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You have programs like 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom but they hardly show girls that it’s not ok. In fact it seems as if it’s glorified behavior. I’m quite sure several of the girls after the first season got knocked up for a chance to be on the show. Which is really quite sad! In the late 90’s you had a show called Undressed it focused on young relationships of all shapes, gender and preferences. When you take away some of the melodramatic dialogue at its core it was educating younger audiences about sex and relationships. In the generation of bae and online dating I feel as if the show needs to come back.

Bring back the afternoon reality block

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Nothing was better than sitting at home on a lazy day and marathoning Room Raiders, Next, Date My Mom and Parental Control. I’m sure you could put a new twist on it. But would you really need to? We watched raiders for dirty stains under the black light, next for the instant next, date my mom for the awkward moment when the moms child isn’t cute and parental for the bad acting while the bf and the parents watch the date.

Also can you bring Made back? Honestly sometimes it was a bit out there but it was so nice to watch kids achieve their goals. Like when Tanner became a hip hop dancer!

Bring back Singled Out

The ultimate cheesy dating show!!! Reunite Chris and Jenny  throw in a little Carmen Electra who all arguably look better now than they did then! It was like the Bachelor on speed! 50 potential dates narrowed down to 1! It’s probably part of the reason so many people today are so superficial!

Start a new network

A network that exclusively repeats the glory days of MTV. Not to say these aren’t your glory days now….ok I’ll say these aren’t. You could show all of the old shows that made your network what it is now. I for one wouldn’t mind being able to go back and watch all the old seasons of The Real World. Maybe you could add it on Netflix?

True Life

Could you maybe have more promotions for a show that has won you Emmys? I never know when it’s on and it’s one of the most superior educational programs you have in regards to showing people the struggle.

Like that time that one girl was overspending and in extreme debt. It was a great moment watching her hide in her apt. from creditors.

Bring back big events!

MTV’s Spring Break used to be a staple of spring programming. People who couldn’t afford to go on spring break could at least enjoy the thought of it watching your week-long special. Who doesn’t enjoy watching nearly nude coeds bump and grind on overly hot weather?

While we’re talking about specials…do you remember when you captivated America with your Wanna Be A VJ contest then your spit in our faces with fucking Jesse Camp! Bring back the contest and they can host the new TRL!

Bring back Making The Video

What happened? Did people stop making music videos? NO! So get the cameras rolling and show us how they did that thing in the thing! It was the best way to see how Iconic Britney Spears is

So MTV you may read this…you may not…but know that there is a calling for all of these changes and sometimes you just have to answer the call!

Have anything you want to add? Just let me know!

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