2014! See What Had Happened Was…

I think it’s important at the end of the year to remind people of what happened throughout the year in case they forgot…I mean let’s face it we all have a shit memory.

First of all I think we should acknowledge the top 3 blog posts that have come from my blog!

Coming in at Number 3 – 27 Moments You Have When You’re In The Granite City Walmart

Coming in 2nd – 90’s Movies That Are Awesome

And in 1st place!!!!! – Hotel Life


So let jump on into this thing!

2014 here we go!

The Prison Panty Dropper


Remember Jeremy Meeks? Girls all over were willing to sacrifice their integrity for a chance to get with this guy…No this isn’t his modeling headshot…it’s his prison mugshot!

The Selfie To End All Seflies


They probably should have given this photo an Oscar…No agent in Hollywood could have organized this let’s be real!

The Proof of Witchcraft

awExZRetTqOHZDEBZ2mc_Classroom Sneeze

These girls are obviously witches! I mean could you not pick on the one kid who can’t afford a laptop for note taking?

The Smooth Criminal

GBttpNMiSdWqnAGPhYDm_Oatmeal Prisoner

His public defender may be ‘over it’ but not even handcuffs can slow down his game!

Judgmental Kermit


Kermie I’m pretty sure you just damn made it your business!

The Napper

LMu09qXrS2m2CMfPtMli_Sleeping Student

He lives for the applause!

The What Did He Just Say Moment


Oh John! What happened man? Is this how you wanted to be remembered? Or was this your ploy to distract from your wig? If so then well-played!

The Sportmanship Award


We’ve all called bullshit on results before…but not while broadcast to the entire world…

The Only Ice Bucket Challenge You Need To Watch

God bless her little heart…


If you’re looking for a kid who talks like a Grandpa…here he is!

Bad Biopics


If there is one thing Lifetime proved this year it is that it can’t be responsible for Based on True Event movies unless they’re about people and stories we don’t know. No one cares if the acting is bad unless you’re playing one of our favs…then trust we will have an opinion!

Don’t fuck with my love for Brittany Murphy!!!

The Client List


I mean I can’t be mad at Lindsay Lohan for this list….but I can say that this list sent a lot of people into a jealous rage!

We Suffered Losses


Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 46


Shirley Temple, 85

download (1)

Maya Angelou, 86

download (2)

Elaine Stritch, 89

download (3)

James Garner, 86

download (4)

Robin Williams, 63


Lauren Bacall, 89

download (5)

Joan Rivers, 81


Diem Brown, 34

images (1)

Mike Nichols, 83

Smack Heard Round The World


We haven’t seen a smackdown like this since Sharkeshia in 2013! Damn it was magical! Full Video Here

Bae Is Going To Prison


I’m overcome with emotion on this! I love Teresa and I hope that she comes out of this stronger on the other side like Martha!

The Still Unanswered WTF Moment


Whatever happened on that elevator we may never know but one thing is for sure….WE FUCKING WANT TO KNOW!!!!

Renee’s New Face


My personal opinion is just that she’s a little too orange…

The New Tonight Show


Jay Leno officially has retired…for real this time he’s not coming back due to Conan O’Brien’s suckage.

No Longer A Beastiality Fetish


Kitty is a little girl?…Ok thats fucking weird!

Jen From Appleton


If you’re not familiar with gem you need to be! Video Here the video may be from 2012 but hit its stride on Tumblr this year and it’s well worth it!

Alex From Target


This story was just too funny…so girls start a fandom for an ordinary guy who works at Target…and he turns out to be gay! So many plot twists!



You some kind of dumbass to believe this was a thing…

Malaysian Airline Flight 370


But where are you? Are you with Amelia Earhart?

Break The Internet


You know your shit is tired when you have to show your ass, tits and pussy and still can’t ‘break the internet’

The Leg Throw


Bitch trying to act like this wasn’t her ass trying to save her job on the show….

Tiny Dancer


This kid can dance! Must have picked up those moves at the local D.A.R.E. dance

Why You Mad?

So she is an American Treasure! Her laugh is awful BUT easily remixed! Video here

Personally Speaking!

2014 was a year of a lot of good highs and a handful of lows!

I have a great job at Hotel Ignacio. I make good money for the work that I do and I’m very content!


I lost my dog Hazel. Which after 15 years was a hard concept to grasp.


I adopted a new puppy named Pepper Ann a Mastiff/Retriever. She is blind in her left eye and rescued from an abusive home.

I’ve found an incredible sense of completion in my life coaching speech. It’s nice to see the effort I put in paying off. It’s also nice passing along the things I’ve learned over the years on and off stage in order to help kids become better.


I made the choice to cut back on drinking and eating poorly in order to actually commit to my New Years resolution from last year to lose 100 pounds. I only ended up losing 80 but I feel very accomplished in that.

So hopefully some great things will continue out into 2015! Here is to another year of chaotic fun!

Feel like I missed anything? Let me know and I’ll add it and give you credit!

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