Friendsgiving: An Educational Guide

Some of you may not know this but there is actually a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas. It’s called Thanksgiving…

Few have heard of it.

It has something to do with stealing recipes from Native Americans and eating Turkey that forces you to take a nap against your will.

Just kidding everyone knows about Thanksgiving! But you’ve probably not heard of the best part of Thanksgiving.

It’s called Friendsgiving!

Charlie Brown wishes he could have thought this term up back in the day when he hosted the original Friendsgiving!


The concept is simple: Thanksgiving concept + Friends + A shit ton of wine = Friendsgiving!

It’s like taking all the fun parts and subtracting your crazy relatives…

On average these are the things that will occur on Friendsgiving!

Casually Mentioning Friendsgiving In October Hoping Someone Will Volunteer To Host It


Someone Will Volunteer To Host The Event


Checking The Guest List To See Who Is Invited


Someone You Don’t Like Is On The List


But Someone Else You Don’t Like Isn’t On The List


Of Course There Is Drama Because Some People Weren’t Invited


Trying To Coordinate The Meal


Seeing Someone Posted They Would Bring Cheesy Potatoes And That’s What You Were Gonna Bring


Someone Will Post That They’re Bringing Some Ridiculous Vegan/Soy/Low Calorie/Gluten Free/Tasteless Item That People Will Only Eat When Pressured By The Maker (You Know Who You Are)


Someone Will Show Up With A Plus One Without Clearing It With The Host


Someone Who Wasn’t Invited Will Show Up


Someone Will Hold Up The Entire Process Because They’re Late And Tell You They’re On Their Way Off And On For Three Hours


The Person Who Was Supposed To Show Up To Cook The Turkey Won’t. So Someone Else Has To Step It Up And Save The Day!


Lots Of Wine Will Be Consumed


Someone Will Get Way Too Drunk On The Wine

giphy (1)

Games Will Be Played While The Turkey Is Cooking


You Will Probably Be Full On Appetizers Before Dinner Is Even Ready


But You’ll Eat Anyway


You’ll End Up Having An Awkward Moment Where The Only Seat Left Will Be Next To The Person You Don’t Like


Some People Will Veg Out After Dinner


Others Will Be The Clean Up Crew And Man Do They Get Up In Those Pots And Scrub!


The Party Will End When Someone Spills Something In The Hosts House And No One Moves To Clean It Up


I hope you all have a wonderful Friendsgiving!

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