13 Games Shows That Need To Be Brought Back!

Game shows are what helps the time pass when you’re vacuuming or doing some other mundane house chore.

Sometimes the Television networks take the shows away from us and frankly thats rude!

Here are 13 shows they need to bring back.

1. American Gladiators


With names like Laser, Zap, Lace, Nitro what wasn’t to love about American Gladiators? Of course those of us sitting at home could master any and all of the challenges presented on the show. Obviously we could hit the target on Assault much faster and sooner than the contestants.

Did I mention spandex?


Why it should come back: Because nothing is more fun than watching gladiators destroy the challengers, but it’s honestly 10 x better when the challengers destroy the essence of a gladiator completely.

2. Wild & Crazy Kids


The show was truly amazing anytime they were at a water park. I mean the obstacle courses always filled me with envy. Maybe it’s the camp counselor in me but I would totally play any of the games that were on the show.

The question is are you team Jessica or Team Annette?

gaynes-2 annette_chavez_jezebel_display_image_zpsb9261353

Why it should come back: There aren’t really any awesome shows for kids to win. Why not bring back the show? At least the losers get awesome shirts!

3. Battle of the Network Stars


I’ve seen TV specials on the original shows and how cutthroat the celebrities were towards each other. It was awesome! Then Bravo brought it back as a battle of Network Reality Stars and it was even better! Thirsty ass reality celebs grasping for the last shreds of dignity that they had!

Why is should come back: Whether is be Network stars or Networks Reality Stars it needs to come back because we would all love to see celebs get down and dirty.

4. Finders Keepers


Most of you won’t even remember this show because it’s from the late 80’s and the reruns were on very late at night.  But if you’re like me and stay up way past your bedtime you may have seen this show! Everything is puzzle related in the beginning. Then if you make it to the end you have to go into this house and find the items you need by basically destroying the house! It was awesome!

Why it should be back: Kids are dumb as hell these days…they need puzzles in their life!

5. Dog Eat Dog

The show had six people spend a day together at a training camp learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Then the challenges are presented and you vote on who you think will fail. Person with the most votes does the challenge if they fail they do to the dog pound but if they succeed they get to eliminate someone who voted for them. They always had great people on each show…


I mean look at Widow…this aint goth eat goth but you do you boo!

Why it should come back: Well it only left because of that whole issue of the lawsuit. Why not try again but ya know safer…

6. Double Dare


So when the show started it was two kids on each team. But eventually it became Family Double Dare and the drama really began! Can you imagine being the kid in your family of five that doesn’t get to compete. You just have to sit there and watch and hope your family doesn’t let you down again!

Why it should come back: It’s not like Marc Summers needs more money or anything but this is the kind of family fun that people don’t have anymore.

7. Match Game


Match game was the best! The sexual references were amazing especially considering the years it was on. Now the only chance people get to be familiar with it is from Snatch Game on Rupauls Drag Race. It was the first TV appearance by Kirstie Alley.

Why it should come back: Because it’s accidentally funny! Plus I can’t even imagine how good/bad the celeb panel would be.

8. Figure it Out


I never understood this show….like some of the cool things kids did weren’t cool at all. You basically watched to see who would outdo the other between Lori Beth and Danny…and that was worth it.


Also there was sliming!

Why it should come back: Because in today’s world I can’t imagine how bad the ‘talents’ would be but I’m sure they’ll be useless.

9. Weakest Link


This bitch right here! If anything she was the reason you watched the show to see when she shut someones happiness and dreams down! She let you know you aren’t shit. I’m also sure I wasn’t the only one who would yell ‘BANK’ at the TV right before they had come full circle to the idiot on the team.

Why it should come back: Can you even imagine how much bitchier she is now? It would be amazing!

10. Legends of the Hidden Temple


This whole game process was stress upon stress! Most people probably didn’t watch after the color team was eliminated.


I however always finished! Why? Because I wanted to see how those idiots would fuck up the damn temple. Don’t even get me started on the damn Shrine of the Silver Monkey!


I’m going to call out one friend right here! Tiffany Smith! You know this would be you!

Why it should come back: 90’s kids would go ape shit! It would shut down everything! Actually you should only be able to compete if you were born between 1983-1988 sorry if this excludes you but not really.

11. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Do kids even know Geography anymore? I mean seriously does anyone know that their ARE countries in Africa? Bring this back educate the children!


Did you remember they had singers?

Why it should come back: Because kids these days are dumb as hell! They need an education and Jesus!

12. Cash Cab


It’s like winning the lottery to find a cab as clean as this one in NYC. Lets be real! Then you can win money and the fare is free?

Why it should be back: They only went to two damn cities! TWO! Get your asses in gear and hit up other places

13. Supermarket Sweep


By now you were probably thinking I had forgotten to mention this game…well you can fuck off because I could never!

This is the greatest game show of ALL TIME!!!!!


Growing up my brother and I played this game when we had to clean up our toy room. Get everything into one box as quickly as you can!


I’ve never had an issue with product identification in a grocery store because of this show. I also know that large meat, fancy cheeses, diapers, and pills are quite often the most expensive items found in a store.


Why it should come back: BECAUSE IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE GONE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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