The 24 Times Calvin and Hobbes Told Us What Was Up!

 When people think of newspaper comics they think of Peanuts or Garfield. 

Me on the other hand, I think of Calvin and Hobbes. 

This little guy was my precocious friend. Owning all of the books was a goal I achieved. In fact every road trip we went on growing up you would find them packed in Michael and I’s fun bag.

Growing up I would tell people they were making a movie based on the comic strip and Jonathon Lipnicki was going to be in it. These were all made up in my head but I can assure you if people had mad that happen it would have been amazing!!!

So I thought what better way to share the joy of this comic strip than to share with all of you the life lessons learned from reading Calvin and Hobbes. 

1. When he taught us how to ignore our problems. 


2. When he taught us to be in the moment


3. When he taught us we need to keep our parents on their toes!


4. When he taught us not to settle for bad advice


5. When he taught us how denial really works. 


6. When he taught us procrastination is totally OK!


7. When he taught us sometimes we don’t need to explain ourselves. 


8. When he taught us some things are too beautiful to own. 


9. When he showed us just how big we really are. 


10. When he showed us what our true intentions usually are. 


11. When he taught us what we could look forward to in life. 


12. He taught is if you want to distract from the task at hand it’s go big or go home!


13. When he taught us to stay young


14. When he taught us that not all people can be real. 


15. When he taught us parents LOVE when we go to school. 


16. When he taught us you can’t hold back. 


17. When he showed us it’s all about presentation. 


18. When he told us what was really up in the universe!


19. When he taught us how school projects are actually a parents job in grade school. 


20. When he taught us being average is OK. 


21. When he taught us its other people with the problem. 


22. When he showed us sometimes you just have to go. 


23. When he told us we don’t always learn about the right people


24. When he knew what the future would be like before we did. 


Thanks for all the lessons Calvin!!!

But seriously where the fuck is this movie?


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