My Mom is Beverly Goldberg!

Have you watched the TV show The Goldbergs?

No? Well you should because A.) It’s hilarious! and B.) The mom Beverly is my mom!

No joke the similarities are uncanny and frankly freak me out a little bit.

Let me just show you!

1. Horrible taste in sweaters!


There is no shame in their game!

2. The Hair



3. Think she’s cool


Literally she thinks she’s the coolest! Just ask her she’ll tell you!

4. Thinks she knows what I should wear


Christmas is a clothing nightmare! Three words: Mexican Blanket Poncho!

5. They don’t know where to draw the line!


6. They can’t handle their booze


Teresa got so tanked on Jungle Juice she couldn’t get off the couch for about a day! It just tasted so good so obviously there wasn’t any alcohol in it.

7. They take holidays way too seriously!

  tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo2_500 tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo3_250tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo4_250 tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo5_250tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo1_250tumblr_mwly90zWQd1sj0kyoo6_1280 tumblr_mwll58qgiF1qefwl8o1_500

Do you know how many looks I’ve gotten over the years for my ‘attitude’ and by attitude she means honesty…can’t have that on holidays!

8. They make the same holiday food!


See! SEE! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Every holiday Teresa will bring some form of Broccoli cheese thing.

9. It’s all about them!

tumblr_n8h7mjBxXO1qa64bjo1_500 tumblr_n8h7mjBxXO1qa64bjo2_500 tumblr_n8h7mjBxXO1qa64bjo3_500 tumblr_n8h7mjBxXO1qa64bjo4_500 tumblr_n8h7mjBxXO1qa64bjo5_500

When I struggle Teresa struggles 50x worse and will basically say ‘I’m not saying it’s about me, but let me tell you how it’s about me.’

10. They try to match!


This is NEVER ok! Several times it was attempted and stopped! I’m your SON we don’t coordinate outfits!

11. They’re nosey!


Fine!….but we all know ‘Fine’ isn’t the answer she wants!

12. They ran the PTA


Legit fact Teresa was way too into my grade school years! She ran the PTA, was a playground Nazi and she dropped us off and picked us up from school! Too much!

13. They use lots of hairspray!


Teresa’s hair doesn’t get closer to Jesus without a little help!

14. They’ve mastered the ‘mom’ look


It’s works at first but it stops working when overused.

15. They’re always on the phone…and they have tons of friends!


Teresa spends hours on the phone after work gossiping about work. I’m fairly certain she created GC Gossip

16. They fully believe in their child’s talent. 

tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco1_250  tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco3_250   tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco2_250  tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco5_250tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco4_250  tumblr_mxvm0f8aJv1t3achco6_250

Always supportive which is a good quality!

This is dedicated to all the smothers out there!

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