TGIF At Its Finest!

Welcome to the 2nd Blog Panel!!!!

It’s very exciting and fun, with a few shocking revelations!

This post is about Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Enjoy!!

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Full House


Wesley: What did you like about this show?


Debra: Uncle Jesse!

Molly: Uncle Jesse and how cool he was!


Connie: cut. It. out.

Kathryn: haha Jesse was definitely that uncle that gave you weird feelings

Wesley: I just loved that so many people lived in one house. I had Michael…


Connie: Michelle was always my favorite

Wesley: My mom actually tried to ban Full House because she didn’t like those three brats… like mom they lost a parent…give them some slack

Molly: That’s hilarious!

Debra: I always wondered which twin was in which scene…


Kathryn: I liked DJ because she always seemed so inspiring later on in the show. I definitely wanted her to be my big sister.


Wesley: Who was the better Michelle, Mary Kate or Ashley?

Molly: Mary Kate!

Debra: I couldn’t tell the difference… you got it duuude

Wesley: I’ll be honest…for a really long time I thought Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen was one person


Kathryn: maybe the 3 kids is what drove Danny to become a neat freak

Wesley: hahaha I always loved the episodes where Danny made people clean because I can remember when Danny, Jesse and joeys moms came and cleaned the house

Molly: Until the episodes that they both were in.

Kathryn: Then Jesse got married and had twin but they somehow still had room leftover for them. WUT

Kathryn: I remember the episode when Michelle lost her memory but as a child I couldn’t quite understand the big deal of it

Wesley: What is your Favorite moment from the show?


Molly: When Jesse does his black and white forever video

Debra: Omg yes I agree with the music video… I fell in love all over again with Uncle Jesse!


Liz: the dog. It was the best part of the show.

Connie: tiki bank


Wesley: Jesse’s wedding was huge! Everything about it jumping out of the plane, locked up in jail, then Becky stole the black chorus bus


Kathryn: Kimmy Gibbler’s light up prom dress!!

Liz: fucking kimmy gibbler.


Wesley: and her prom date Dwayne ‘Whatever’. I wonder if Kimmy and Dwayne made it work

Molly: I’d like to think they did

Kathryn: She did lose all her press on nails because they were stuck to his butt


Wesley: I wish Aunt Becky was real…and that she was my aunt

Wesley: Who was your favorite character? Why?


Molly: Uncle Jesse because he was awesome. Out of the kids I would say dj


Liz: Stephanie. I saw that meth future of hers a mile away.

Wesley: It’s a tossup. Aunt Becky was flawless. She is what the show needed 100%. But Kimmy’s complete lack of ever giving a fuck was amazing.

Kathryn: I liked Stephanie because she was kind of a bitch

Wesley: poor Stephanie. She was the cute one until that bitch Michelle started talking

Molly: I really didn’t like Michelle.

Liz: “You got it dude” Fuck off Michelle!


Kathryn: Steph started strong with “well pin a rose on your nose” but she couldn’t complete with Michelle’s “you got it, dude!”

Wesley: remember when that bitch (Michelle) put that swimming pool in the kitchen and Danny was like ‘DJ/Stephanie how did this get here’


Liz: lol! I forgot about that!


Wesley: Michelle was ok…she did give us Denise and for that I’m thankful

Molly: She was my least favorite. I did love teddy. And let’s not forget about Steve

Kathryn: Steve was so painfully the stereotypical thick-headed jock


Wesley: oh Steve…you mean Aladdin?

Kathryn: RIGHT?!

Wesley: mind blown!

Kathryn: Are you sure STEVE was able to outsmart a sorcerer?? STEVE? Really?

Wesley: Funniest and least funny character on the show?


Liz: Danny. Never funny. Ever.

Kathryn: and maybe Joey

Molly: I think Danny is funny now bc I know he was coked up the whole time

Kathryn: they were really just warm bodies for Jesse to talk to, no one gave a shit about them lol


Wesley: Kimmy Gibbler…that face. It’s the rubber face I wish I had. Least funny…comet…like come on dog be funnier!

Liz: They had the dog show at the house to bring in new talent…

Liz: Remember sparky?

Debra: I’m sure comet did some funny stuff… can’t think of any right now…

Liz: Comet’s competition.

Wesley: haha the dog pageant!

full house

Kathryn: maybe the twins, they didn’t too much


Connie: joey’s damn woodchuck puppet. Uggghh I hated that fucking thing


Kathryn: When I think of Full House, I can’t help but think of Steph’s friend Gia

Debra: The trouble maker!

Kathryn: ultimate terrifying bad girl

Molly: I thought she was so cool when I was young

Wesley: she smoked cigs! She was so badass!

Kathryn: Seriously, I was convinced if I ever saw Gia in real like she would fuck me up. She just looked like the type to cut a bitch

Wesley: until that bad bitch Stephanie put her in her place

Molly: I like how Stephanie never really had friends

  1. ..didn’t Gia die though…there was a car accident

Debra: Yeah

Liz: Oh yeaaaaah!

Wesley: damn…tough luck gia

Liz: I was like “I’m so gonna drive like that when I get my license.”

Kathryn: can’t be skankin’ out with random dudes

Debra: That’s what happens when you’re a bad girl… There’s a lesson every episode…

What was the funniest thing you can remember about the show?

Molly: I can’t think of anything funny from full house yet I still watch it all the time

Kathryn: how terrible the acting was at times?


Wesley: Funniest episode…when Jesse wore the pregnancy belly because he wasn’t sympathetic enough to Becky’s needs and he wore the shit out of that baby

Liz: didn’t he need to have his appendix out when Becky went into labor

Wesley: Yes and Joey had him convinced it was sympathy pain. Everyone was dressed like the Flintstones

Liz: Oh yeah, the black patch!

Wesley: What would you say was the shows jump the shark moment?

Liz: when you could smell the puberty coming off the screen.

Wesley: Viper…and the rich guy…like enough! Bring back Steve


Kathryn: maybe when they did that weird Kokomo episode?

Wesley: haha in Hawaii? That was so early!

Liz: wasn’t that a prime time special?

Kathryn: I don’t even remember when it was haha


Liz: the beach boys were all up in there.

Wesley: unless you are claiming right here right now that Full House was always ridiculous and we loved it anyway

Kathryn: I just remember thinking…this was an excuse to use a steel drum wasn’t it?


Debra: Remember when kimmy got drunk at a party?

Wesley: remember when Kimmy had mall friends and they ruined her birthday that DJ threw for her


Kathryn: I remember when Stephanie danced to a BoyzIIMen song in the world’s sluttiest outfit for 9 year olds haha

Wesley: hahaha MOTOWN PHILLY

Kathryn: Toddler and Tiaras would have been proud

Wesley: How do you think Comet died? Oh yeah I went there!

Debra: Happy in old age. End of story. Lol

Kathryn: I’ll go with that lol

Wesley: How much would you like to see a reunion? What would you make the reunion be about?

Wesley: So yes obviously we need a reunion

Debra: I would watch it

Molly: I would watch it. They would all still be in that house somehow

Wesley: because the Olsen twins hate acting now or whatever. I think the reunion should bring everyone together after Michelle’s death

Kathryn: hahahah

Wesley: yes and Kimmy has officially moved in

Liz: ugh. I kind of hate dj’s Jesus pushing d\face.

Wesley: She’s married to Joey

Kathryn: and DJ found Jesus

Wesley: DJ found Jesus in a big way because of that damn kirk Cameron

Kathryn: isn’t he her brother?

Molly: Kirk Cameron used to be so cool


Debra: And she can do an interpretive dance with Mark ballas

Wesley: you mean he used to be a sinner?

Liz: you can’t be that cool without crashing and burning in a big way.

Wesley: Final thoughts on Full House?

Debra: I love Jesus

Kathryn: 7/10 would recommend for cheese factor

Wesley: I wish this show wouldn’t have been taken away from us without a proper series finale and not that amnesia bullshit

Liz: it’s was the 80’s Brady bunch

Molly: It’s the cheesiest/best show ever

Kathryn: I don’t even remember the season finale was there one??


Molly: The one where Michelle fell off the horse

Wesley: the series finale was when Michelle fell off the horse

Kathryn: so instead of ‘jumping the shark’ they ‘threw an Olsen off a horse’ got it

Family Matters


What did you like about this show?

Kathryn: I’ll be honest; this is my least favorite of the choices. haha

Liz: back people

Wesley: back people?

Liz: we didn’t have any of those where I grew up, so it was very refreshing.


Kathryn: I did think Laura was the coolest black girl in the world though

Molly: Stephan.


Wesley: haha I like that the Grandma looked like one of the Dinosaurs from Dinosaurs

Molly: Hahaha


Kathryn: but I’m pretty sure, being a police officer, the dad could have requested and received a restraining order from Urkel always barging into his house to harass his daughter

Wesley: omg right?

Liz: I always thought they based that character off of her

Kathryn: just sayin;

Molly: Do u remember that “urkel dance” they did on the roof

Wesley: Should the Winslow’s have gotten a restraining order against Steve?


Debra: No! He is the show…

Liz: yes

Kathryn: well he was stalking the daughter and always destroying something in the house. So….hell yes

Wesley: He was the shows Kimmy Gibler factor and what started as a show about a family in Chicago turned into a family being harassed by the crazy kid next door

Debra: Not on purpose, give the guy a break:) he just wanted to be loved Lol

Wesley: What would you say was the shows jump the shark moment?

Kathryn: who later hit puberty and became at functioning member of society but only when the planets were properly aligned?? I never got that part of the show


Wesley: Stefan


Liz: The robot. They killed it and it just kept coming back and coming back.

Debra: I didn’t get that either… I think he just wanted to feel sexy on the show

Kathryn: right, he wanted to show that in real life he was a baller

Liz: I think he was trying to ensure he wasn’t going to get typecast.

Wesley: So I guess at some point Jaleel started looking and they were like let’s jump the shark and make up a machine that turns him into a hot guy

Kathryn: but it didn’t make sense how he only came out once in a while and then and only then did Laura actually like Steve

Debra: Right, make the change permanently

Wesley: Does anyone remember the sister that walked up stairs and never came back?



Kathryn: LOL

Debra: Lol!

Kathryn: the producers of TGIF were at the top with the chloroform “no one will ever notice….”

Liz: lol!

Wesley: she wanted a raise and they were like bitch we will show you!

Debra: Hahaha

Kathryn: she wanted her own geeky stalker

Wesley: this isn’t the Judy show! How long did it take you to get tired of the line ‘Did I Do That?’


Kathryn: about the 3rd time in the first episode

Wesley: haha right!

Debra: I was young so it took 5 episodes


Wesley: the merchandising…I can’t imagine someone actually wanting an Urkel doll

Liz: What I really got tired of was the canned laughter and ooooh’s they would make when someone was making out.

Molly: Omg I had an urkel doll!!

Liz: I had an urkel doll.

Debra: He made an appearance on the show step by step and taught the urkel dance…


Wesley: The mom quit the show because she didn’t sign up for the Urkel show…granted she quit in the last season lol

Kathryn: the oooohhs for kissing was redonk

Liz: yeah, her replacement was weak

Wesley: No one here can judge the ooooohhhs every one of you did that when someone went to the principal’s office

Debra: Riiiight

Liz: lol, different kind of ooooh.

Kathryn: truth

Wesley: How much would you like to see a reunion? What would you make the reunion be about?


Molly: Does anyone remember the urkel dance song? I remember “bend your knees and stick out your pelvis”

Wesley: Only if it’s about what happened to Judy

Molly: I would not watch a reunion. This is one that I don’t even watch the reruns of

Wesley: I don’t remember the dance. I was probably doing the Addams family dance

Kathryn: I was barely committed to that show so I would be okay without one, but if it did happen I would hope it would be because Laura has finally had a breakthrough in therapy

Debra: I wouldn’t watch a reunion either

Kathryn: and realizes her family allowed her neighbor to stalk and harass her for year’s haha

Molly: YouTube that shit

Wesley: How do you feel all these years later about Laura and Steve getting together?


Molly: Didn’t they get together at the end

Kathryn: you mean Stefan??

Wesley: The show ended with Laura choosing Steve over Stefan

Kathryn: she was just thirsty for Stefan in any form


Wesley: poor Myra

Liz: I think she had just been beat over the head with Steve for so long, I don’t think she thought she could escape him.

Kathryn: Stockholm syndrome? lol

Connie: I always was confused by how many doors and stairways they had in the house.

Wesley: haha Connie that was a problem in all sitcom houses

Connie: Their’s was the worst.

Boy Meets World


Kathryn: I have SO many feelings about Boy Meets World so sorry in advance

Wesley: Ok is everyone emotionally ready to discuss Boy Meets World?

Liz: I was the least invested in this one.

Kathryn: BMW was/is my fucking JAM

Wesley: What did you like about this show?


Liz: I must be the only person in the world who liked Mr. Feeny

Molly: Eric

Wesley: I like that the first season they tried to be like lesson of the week show and that didn’t really pan out so they decided to be stupid and fun

Molly: Yes. When Cory made the “b” basketball team

Kathryn: yeah they had a great balance of fun and lesson learning


Liz: The word Topanga. Hated her, loved the name.

Kathryn: haha she was a total hippie child. I’m glad they got rid of that

Molly: Me too

Liz: I could smell the patchouli.

Kathryn: hemp. Hemp everywhere

Liz: I’m 9 years old yelling “wash your hair crusty!”

Kathryn: I think they were still able to put lessons and deep meaningful moments in there


Debra: I liked how Eric called out for Mr. Feeny lol

Kathryn: FEE-NAY!

Wesley: yeah they did and it was great when they did because it wasn’t expected

Who was your favorite character? Why?


Debra: Feeee heeee eeenay!

Liz: feeny

Kathryn: Mr. Feeny was definitely the teacher we all wish we had at least once

Debra: Or for our whole school career

Wesley: Yeah I mean I loved Feeny.


Kathryn: but I also really loved Cory, Topanga and Shawn as a whole

Debra: Me too!

Liz: meh

Wesley: They were like perfect threesome

Kathryn: they worked off each other so well

Wesley: I’m sure Cory suggested swinging at some point

Liz: lol Wesley!

Kathryn: I’m convinced if it wasn’t Disney, the reboot would be about Shawn and Cory finally being able to legally get married their love can finally be accepted

Liz: bahahaha!

Wesley: haha no!


Connie: I wanted Shawn so hard. ehhh that hair! youzzza!

Wesley: In his contract he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair

Kathryn: who didn’t want to run their fingers through Shawn Hunter’s hair???

Wesley: Funniest character on the show?


Kathryn: Eric, but they made him TOO dumb

Debra: When he would run his fingers through his hair and a girl would come running… lol

boy meets world morgans

Connie: the little sister

Kathryn: Morgan was such a shit haha

Wesley: first Morgan? Or second Morgan?

Liz: I forgot about the dual Morgan’s!

Kathryn: oh shit, I forgot they switched her out haha

Wesley: I don’t know how anyone could forget! They looked nothing alike!

boy-meets-world-morgan 1

Connie: this Morgan my fav.

Wesley: Connie that’s Lily Nicksay Morgan

Kathryn: I was too busy staring at Shawn!

Wesley: What was the funniest thing you can remember from the show?

Liz: I don’t know if I stuck around for that long.


Kathryn: Shawn and Cory’s forbidden love


Wesley: The episode where Shawn’s subconscious was killing everyone in the high school


Kathryn: Scream style!! hahaha


Debra: That one freaked me out lol


Wesley: Jennifer Love Phefferman


Kathryn: and Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up because she was dating the actor that played Eric!

Kathryn: even though she was in I Know What You Did Last Summer

Wesley: and on Party of Five

Kathryn: and Can’t Hardly Wait

Wesley: What was your Favorite moment from the show?


Kathryn: it wasn’t my favorite but I remember being SO depressed when Cory and Topanga broke up over that girl it’s a moment that stuck with me. I was so invested in their love, I cried haha

Wesley: what was that girls name Lauren?


Wesley: When Topanga was forced to move away. How Cory didn’t think she would go and she did. Then after not hearing from her in days she showed up at his kitchen door covered in rain. You just knew they would be together forever


Kathryn: omg be still my heart. I always wanted a reason I meet a guy in the pouring rain after that haha

Wesley: At what point did Cory’s parents become unnecessary?


Kathryn: when the mom popped out a kid when she probably should have been going through menopause

Liz: bahahaha!

Wesley: fact! haha I mean they had Feeny they almost didn’t need real parents

Kathryn: he gave them more life advice than they ever did

Wesley: Plus the dad was needy. Alan

Kathryn: the mom always kind of annoyed me because she was always the one that wanted to go left when everyone else wanted to go right. Like she purposely didn’t want to go the flow lol

Wesley: oh Amy!

Did you ever feel awkward about how much better Cory’s home life was compared to Shawn’s?


Liz: no, he was cuter

Kathryn: I didn’t feel awkward but I think it definitely make you realize you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life

Wesley: It was always confusing when Shawn’s family came up because I felt like he had like 12 neglectful parents


Kathryn: he really did get abandoned by everyone except Cory haha omg remember Minkus!?

Wesley: oh Minkus! He came back in the last season

Kathryn: one final cameo for the loyal fans out there!


Debra: And Sean’s long lost brother in the later episodes… loved him btw

Wesley: Jack? The Lawrence brothers were the 90’s

Debra: Yes!

Kathryn: didn’t they have their own show at one point?

Wesley: they did! And that Horse movies on the Disney channel

Debra: Haha oh yeah!


Kathryn: haha remember when Fred Savage came on the show and tried to make out with Topanga? What a weird way to showcase your brother on your show

Debra: Yes as a creepy teacher?!

Wesley: Wasn’t he like a sleazy teacher?

Kathryn: and why was Fred like, sure Bro, I gotcha

Wesley: shit Fred probably directed that episode

Wesley: Who was better for Cory, Topanga or Shawn?

Kathryn: Shawn knew him better but he had a boner for Topanga haha

Wesley: bracing myself for Kathryn’s response

Kathryn: if he could morph Shawn and Topanga together Cory’s life would have been set

Wesley: haha you’re playing the boner card.


Wesley: Well according to the very much changed as they went Topanga and Cory history…they did know each other before he knew Shawn

Kathryn: I like how suddenly in the 4th season they had all of a sudden been together since they were 4. Uh hi, we watched from season 1 and you bitches are lying

Wesley: hahaha they tried to pull things over people’s heads back then. Before the internet and repeats


Kathryn: it was also nice of them to make Eric and Jack the “other” Cory and Shawn like Eric needed his own other half haha

Wesley: well once he basically couldn’t be hanging around Shawn and Topanga they did what they had to do

Would you have stalked Mr. Feeny like the kids did?


Kathryn: I grew up living on a block that housed 3 teachers from school, including a guidance counselor right next door. I made it my mission to avoid them at all cost, so NO haha

Wesley: hahaha same. Teachers always found me where ever I went

Kathryn: exactly, you don’t actively seek them out and they you do see them you duck and cover haha pray they don’t meet your parents taking out the trash and mention anything they saw

Wesley: Are you watching Girl Meets World?


Kathryn: I don’t have cable but I’d definitely check it out. Curiosity and all

Wesley: I’ve been watching it. The girl who plays the daughter clearly studied Cory mannerisms. Like the pilot episode was a showcase of his eccentricities

Kathryn: hahaha todays TV shows definitely try harder

Wesley: Final Thoughts on Boy Meets World

Kathryn: Best show ever on TGIF, hands down

Wesley: Most things learned in my adolescence were from this show!

Kathryn: absolutely!

 class dismi

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


What did you like about this show?


Kathryn: well she was a witch and had magic powers and a talking cat. Seriously, what wasn’t there to love?

Wesley: Well who wouldn’t like a show where a person has magical powers? I want magical powers still today…

Sabrina the Teenage Witch House winter

Kathryn: I wanted their house. They had such a bitchin Victorian

Wesley: omg their house was wonderful! It was so well decorated. You could tell Zelda put some effort into it

Wesley: Team Zelda or Hilda?


Kathryn: hahah those Aunts were hot messes though and they always had some other magical being pissed and after them

Kathryn: how slutty were they on the other side?

Wesley: haha centuries of slutty! They were never shy about their conquests


Kathryn: Zelda always seemed like she had her head on a little tighter


Wesley: oh for sure! If there wasn’t Zelda, Hilda would be dead. Because Sabrina’s mom was basically useless!

Kathryn: like she knew to pack condoms and shave her legs for a night now, Hilda looked like she’d get sloppy and hope she back some backup Plan B


Wesley: Her magic finger was her back up plan…

Kathryn: hahahahaha

Wesley: If you had Sabrina’s powers what would you have done to Libby?


Kathryn: sent her to Siberia. Shit that girl was a huge bitch and the principal what a dick haha

Wesley: haha yeah I feel like I was more of a Libby…But if a bitch messed with me…poof bye forever!

Kathryn: haha that’s seems legit

Wesley: Who was a better best friend Jenny or Valerie?


Wesley: Jenny was the one who talked weird in the first season. Valerie was the neurotic one

Kathryn: I mean, they made him really dumb and I hate how they always did that in shows

Wesley: but he came back well smarter

Kathryn: I liked Valerie more

Kathryn: I don’t really remember the best friends to be honest haha or I liked the actress more haha


Debra: Valerie on Sabrina=big red on bring it on


Kathryn: and can we talk a moment about how Sabrina feel for guy named Harvey???

Wesley: haha I love that they made Harvey come back for the last season so they could end up together

Wesley: Harvey just was…like he just made sense

Kathryn: he was pretty dense in the beginning though

Wesley: Harvey > Josh the barista

Kathryn: I half expected her to fall for some guy witch

Wesley: She SHOULD have!

Kathryn: like they would introduce some cute wizard and they fall for each other because they get what it’s like and all that jazz

Wesley: I’m not sure what the deal was or rules of the witches but she could never see her mom because she was half. So any kids with Harvey would only be a quarter witch…what would happen then?

Kathryn: yeah they totally Disney’d her out of a mom

Wesley: What would you say was the shows jump the shark moment?


Debra: Why did the aunts disappear for Sabrina’s college years?

Wesley: That’s when they jumped the shark!

Kathryn: yes! They college years were difficult to get into

Wesley: Like Sabrina needed her aunts…she clearly couldn’t be trusted with her finger

Kathryn: and her roommates were SO annoying


Wesley: Well it’s like ok she lives with three people and none of them notice the bottomless closet of clothes and talking cat? She could literally wear anything she wanted…and she looked dumb almost always


Kathryn: yeah how do you just not noticed the sarcastic cat in the corner. It was a millennium. None of us looked good haha

Wesley: haha I beg to differ! I rocked all of my GCHS/SIUE shirts I got for free haha

Kathryn: hahah

Wesley: How much would you like to see a reunion?

Kathryn: id be intrigued enough to check it out

Wesley: I would love a reunion because I want to know what happened to the people the show just made disappear

Kathryn: right, some of those people were never seen again haha

Wesley: Like what happened to Jenny, Valerie, Libby, Hilda, Zelda, Josh, Miss Quick, The science teacher from the first season. The reunion will end up looking like Dexter…

Kathryn: and poor Melissa Joan Hart is on that ABCFamily show with Joey Lawrence

Wesley: haha it fits for her. She was in some SAW knock off and was the villain I was like stop go home! Haha


Kathryn: hahaha poor thing. Go make another music video with Britney

Wesley: Brit Brit would love that!

Kathryn: didn’t she show up on the show once. They were actually friends I think lol

Wesley: Yes in ‘Paris’

Kathryn: hahah so random

Wesley: Well her dad’s apt was in the Eiffel Tower

Kathryn: of course it was

Wesley: Lol ok so I will end it there


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