90’s Movies That Are Awesome!

I assembled a panel of experts whom are well versed on the subject of 90’s kid cinema.

Panelists for this blog post:















Our mission was to remind you of these movies by answering the most obvious question!

So it’s time to find out what makes this movie awesome?



Debra: this movie is awesome bc everyone wishes they had magical powers, it’s like a kids version of the force.. besides it’s impossible to not love the little girl who plays Matilda.


Wesley: Knowing that you can overcome bad situations and keep a positive attitude…who am I kidding it’s because she had powers! And Miss Honey was the cutest! Oh and poor Brucey had to eat that whole cake! I guess now I’m worried about all the kids parents…like they couldn’t all not believe what was going on at the school or were the kids that afraid to say something…I relate because I like to read books, but I have yet to develop my ability to move things with my mind.

The Little Rascals


Wesley: Because it featured the best love letter ever! I actually watched the original Little Rascals at my grandparents house, which are quite funny, the movie was so on point to the original shorts! I’m pretty sure I’d adopt them all.


Clark: because I thought when he farted bubbles it was hilarious. And I love a good love triangle.

Richie Rich


Ashlee: Richie Rich is awesome because, face it, it was the post Home Alone movie that said McCauley Caulkin was a bona-fide child star. It was filmed at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. You know why it’s awesome? You can tour the home of the richest kid in the world, and recreate the scenes where he’s just running around. Also, you sort of wanted to be him. He had everything. This movie also had Jonathan Hyde as Herbert Authur Runcible Cadbury, and really who doesn’t want their own butler to cover up all their misdeeds?


Wesley: He had everything! There was a McDonald’s in his house! What kid didn’t want that? Also as an adult I know that the one girls mom totally had a leather fetish. When the butler suited up in leather she was def. feeling it!


Debra: who doesn’t want that life? No one. End of story.

Home Alone


Wesley: Being left alone was every kids fear…or at least mine. Kevin made it seem cool! Like look how easily he handled those robbers! I couldn’t manage that I would probably just cry and die! (Lets face it though Teresa would never forget me on a trip twice…or once for that matter)


Jenna: there is nothing better than curling up beside the fire with a nice cup of hot cocoa in the middle of December and popping in your favorite christmas movie… Especially when this movie involves crime, brutality, and parental ignorance. This family favorite takes me back, we all wanted to live int hat big beautiful house (oh to slide down the stairs on a sled) but knew Kevin’s angst when his family wouldn’t fight for him. The connection was made and as a child we realized that we too would steal a toothbrush to get away from Old Man Marley. Kevin McCallister fights for what is right and in the end all he wants for Christmas is his family….and to kick ass. Buzz, your girlfriend…woof.


Danny:  One of my all time favorite Christmas movie, next to A Christmas Story, of course.  The fact that this kid gave no fucks his family “disappeared” (especially around Christmas) and lives life like a badass. Kudos! Even though this kid is completely disgusting now, he will always be little Kevin McCallister to me.

Things that drove me crazy: The little Nero’s Pizza driver… Really, fix your lisp. / Harry’s constant gross noise talking. / The fact that Kevin never got to eat his Mac-n-Cheese.

The Indian and the Cupboard


Wesley: Playing with toys took a lot of creativity….the cupboard made toys come to life! Basically I could have sat back and watched my toys make up their own plots for battle! I remember as a child how horrible the kid in this movie was…he was just sooooooo bad. I don’t think he was in another movie ever again, retirement was necessary!


Erin: good book, boring movie.

Little Giants


Wesley: Everything about this movie was quotable! Icebox was basically the coolest dude/chick ever. I rooted for the little giants even though when the movie came out I supported the cowboys in real life to make the family in Dallas happy. The awesome factor is that they win! That’s just a really good feeling!


Debra: this movie is awesome bc it has comedy, girl power and junior is super cute!



Wesley: Because everyone accepted him even though he was aging fast and super hairy. Like people just didn’t really care…the only not awesome thing is knowing that Jack is dead. Shame on Jennifer Lopez for rejecting his offer to go to the dance.

The Mighty Ducks


Clark: because I was the biggest tom boy you could meet when I was younger (I refused to wear a shirt until I was 7 and had to wear one to school) I pretty sure I had a huge crush on Emilio Estevez since always.


Wesley: Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Ducksworth!

My Girl

my girl

Wesley: Veda was basically the coolest chick ever! Her inner monologue was my inner monologue. Also that iconic funeral scene.


Clark: …..sigh…… Thomas J can’t see without his glasses! .. I’ll start crying if I think anymore about it. And I am almost positive I became blood sisters with 2 of my friends after seeing that…. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

Tom and Huck


Ashlee: Were you 10? Were you pretty sure you were going to marry either Brad Renfro (RIP) or JTT when you grew up? This was the premier film of 1995. You had to see it, maybe even three times. Your poor Mom had to sit through it, and then you bought it on VHS. Bonus: Tiger Beat magazine with double Renfro/JTT posters.


Wesley: Mostly because I knew what the references to Missouri cities were. I was like I know that place! Also the music was so dramatic it was great!

Dennis the Menace 


Wesley: I actually felt more connected to Mr. Wilson as a child…is that bad? Watching the movie today you’ll notice that it’s actually still a really good movie. Sometimes when you rewatch movies you’re like ‘ok this if for a child’ but not this one. I’d probably punch Darla tbh.

giphy (1)

Ashlee: Dennis was the kid we all wanted to be. How on earth did he get away with everything?! Really though, this move is bad. Plot is bad, and the only reason it’s awesome is because Walter Matthau tries so hard. Oh, and Christopher Lloyd. He’s in there too.

Blank Check


Wesley: So this kid gets a blank check…buys a mansion and like everything he wants…no one seems to care or notice until the end that something is really fishy…I want that kids life even if it was temporary.

Monkey Trouble


Wesley: Thora Birch was a bit whiny but having a pet Monkey is just like the coolest thing! Getting chased by a weird criminal hairy guy…not so much!(that’s where they get trouble from!)

Hocus Pocus


Wesley: Everything!!!! Everything makes this movie awesome! It lives on my DVR. I’m still bitter at the person who stole my DVD copy. I should probably be in the sequel because I’m super dedicated.


Clark: the sisters creeped me out in such a great way! Max was a stud, and I’m a cat lady.


Danny: I saw this movie at the $1 show, 3 times!  This is a the best classic Halloween time movie out.  It just makes you all happy inside that these 3 crazy bitches chase 3 kids when they are witches and could have any ole kid right off the street.  SJP’s career didn’t do much past this movie, at least that I cared about, but she was the shit in this film.

Things that drove me crazy: Winnie’s snaggle teeth. / Kathy Najimi looking exactly like a teacher I hated. / That stupid baby in the stroller commercial.

The Big Green


Wesley: I was on the worlds worst baseball team growing up. I related to how bad they were…they got better, my baseball team never did! Like the town was really sad too…like super super poor and this soccer team gave them life. Which is cool and really sad at the same time! Did I mention there was a goat?

Angels in the Outfield


Ashlee: Why is it awesome? It totally validated our belief in imaginary friends. It also had an all star cast, Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd and an unknown actor named Joseph Gordon Levitt. That kid grew up to be amazing.


Wesley: That angel arm wave! So inspiring! This whole movie ended up being really sad. There was a happy ending but you still knew that Tony Danza was going to die soon….


Erin: I wondered if everyone else knew that was the same lady as Home Alone?

Jungle 2 Jungle


Debra:  what’s more entertaining than a cute guy from a foreign land who has a pet tarantula, is sweet, can find dinner in a fish tank and can take down thugs with a blow dart gun?


Wesley: Mimi-siku! I mean that’s just fun to say! And he called his dad baboon. You can’t get away with that shit unless you were raised in the African jungle!



Clark: That was my shit! RUFIO! RUFIO! RUFIO! RUFIO! Imaginary food! Jumping in the pudding stuff! Their tree house! Hooks creepy stash always had me making a stank face. And the best ending in the world!


Wesley: Of course we needed to know what happened after  the kids left Neverland. But who would have guessed that Peter would leave? No I! But if he hadn’t we never would have had Rufio!

The Sandlot


Wesley: Coming of age movies are great! This one definitely was the Now and Then equivalent for boys. It will be one of the best movies FOR-E-VER!


Clark: again I was a huge tomboy, loved baseball! Benny was a hottie (I think I had a crush on ever lead… I see a trend) I learned the meaning of s’mores! That poor sad puppy just wanted to play! I have never been able to look at a female lifeguard without wondering if a boy was going to fake drown.

Problem Child


Wesley: There is no way a kid could be that terrible and not get beat…but alas he didn’t get hit. Good for his adoptive dad though for not throwing in the towel through the sequels and such. He’s a pretty good guy for putting up with this kids shit.


Erin: Prefer prob child 2. They were both sort of uncomfortable for some reason.

Kindergarten Cop


Erin: K Cop-obsessed! First movie we all quoted. Still wanted arnold to end up with the redhead. Wanted to climb a watertower and why did the alarm seem sexy? I really wanted to be the kids making out in that room.


Wesley: I guess this isn’t really a kids movie…but there are kids in it and I watched it as a kid so it counts. The mere concept of Arnold being a Kindergarten teacher is astounding!


Ashlee: 1. I’m the party pooper. 2. Who is my daddy and what does he do? 3. It’s not a tumor! 4. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. I think that covers it.

Free Willy


Wesley: I was obsessed with Keiko after I saw this movie. I had the promotional everything that came with the VHS purchase. Why couldn’t I wave my hand in the arm and a whale jump over the top of me?


Ashlee: The movie that made Seaworld the destination for vacation and Michael Jackson HIStory a best selling album. Love our hate Michael Jackson, will you be there is the mad notes. And honestly, Free Willy taught us to fight for what we believe in and that when you love something you have to let it go.


Debra: everyone wants a whale for a friend. Especially one of the most dangerous whale that would normally eat you. Also this movie proves that humans can be more dangerous than animals. That’s pretty cool.



Clark: even if I watch that to this day I get a little anxious! (Watched it on a VHS recently!) and the music goes with it is spot on.


Wesley: I’m still so disappointed with the board game version of this movie…nothing comes out of the game!

Space Jam


Ashlee: Space Jam – The coolest thing about Space Jam is that the website hasn’t changed since 1996. Space Jam And that LeBron James can try to win six titles, but he’ll never win a game in Looney Tune Land and that’s a FACT!


Wesley: Michael Jordan playing Basketball with the Looney Toons! Awesome! I’m still disappointed with the lack of Marvin the Martian. That soundtrack though…


Debra: best basketball game EVER.



Wesley: I love Casper. It’s just a fun movie. As an adult though I did notice that Casper is a super creepy stalker ghost…They had that one blonde girl who was like the token girlfriend in 90’s movies, sometimes like in Casper she’s just the bitchy girl but it works for her voice.


Clark: what a cute creepy little love story. Kinda weird really. I wanted to ride the thing that takes them into the basement! In Disney world they have something like it in the haunted mansion! And it was like a dream come true!

3 Ninjas


Wesley: Don’t tell me you didn’t play 3 Ninjas? Because you totally did! We would ride around the neighborhood chanting ‘Rocky loves Emily’ Emily though was so not cute! Like what happened at casting? Who was she related too?

Homeward Bound


Clark: I wanted to just hug shadow. That poor old guy. Sassy was a little bitch. Ya I said it.


Wesley: The animals personalities were perfect. Sassy the cat was Sassy…shocking! I wish my dogs could talk. I would be an emotional wreck if I lost them and had no idea where they were. I don’t even like leaving them at home for long periods of time.


Danny: Only the saddest fucking animal movie EVER!  Chance, Shadow & Sassy were the damn cutest thing. I need to revisit this movie.  I could use a good cry. 

House Arrest


Wesley: If you’re tired of dealing with your parents shit…just lock them in the basement and call it a day! I actually wonder if anyone really did this to their parents. Also I’d like to try those captain crunch peanut butter pancake things they made.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Wesley: It’s all in the title really! It was fun, scary and weird. It got weirder as the series went on but I had the action figures so it was all good.


Erin:  Tmnt always makes u crave pizza hut. I wanted to live in their sewer house

Camp Nowhere


Erin: just fucking cool & I wanted the bus and someone like chris Lloyd in my life.


Wesley: No parents, no counselors, no rules. Why couldn’t I have this experience? Why couldn’t I have negligent parents? I’m not sure how a movie studio was all about this script when 50 kids run off into the woods with a criminal…but thanks for that!

Man of the House


Wesley: The rain dance to ‘Everybody Dance Now’ I mean who doesn’t think of the rain dance when they hear this song? I wish my boy scouts experience would have been as interesting as JTT’s. I really wanted to build that wall mural his mom and him made on their wall.


Debra: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Hilarious. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Hilarious. And Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Now and Then


Wesley: This movie had a character that you wish you were and a character that you actually were. So many life lessons learned! It’s nice to watch a movie where you can see characters as kids and adults and see how much they’ve changed. Did they get what they wanted when they were younger. I like that!


Danny: HANDS DOWN BEST MOVIE!  Cast, on point! Humor, on point! Relatable, on point!  Not sure how so many people have not seen this movie, but you deserve to get shat on by a bird. (See what I did there) I fell in love with this movie the first time I watched.  It was also my realization that I was a homo.  The creek scene def made it known to myself, that boys are the way to go! (All you homo’s know what I’m talking about) Everyone can relate to this movie in some way.  Everyone in real life has those 3 best friends that you know will always be there.  (I did it again!) All for one, and one for all! 

Wild America


Wesley: Who wouldn’t want to have this adventure? I mean seriously its scary as shit but it would be so exciting to see a wild bear in person. I’m pretty sure JTT’s only friend in this movie was an owl. That’s kinda sad.

The Parent Trap


Wesley: Because I really thought Lindsay Lohan was two people for a really long time! I was shocked to find out Janice from Friends didn’t really sound like that!


Clark: I started eating Oreos with peanut butter after this movie.. Thanks for the extra 20 lbs Lindsey. And this was LiLo’s peak. I loved the ascents also. Lol



Wesley: Beethoven was like the coolest dog! He had been through so much in the first ten minutes of the film. He became hardened, he didn’t care what George had to say he was living in the Newton house and that was that! Oh and the daughter’s name was Rice!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


Wesley: This movie was so awesome when I was 8! Now that I’m 29 I can say it’s still awesome because it’s so fucking cheesy! Like I think we all know the fight scenes on the show are from the Japanese version and not redone in America. But in the movie it was hilarious how much ‘Face time’ the actors got to make sure you knew they were in the fight scene.


Danny: SO OVERRATED! I was an avid Power Rangers fan, but this movie was a HUGE let down.  The Power Rangers Live I went to see at the Fox when I was 7 was better than this movie.  To much “story” and not enough action.  Also… I wanted to see those damn Putty’s shatter… where were they? 



Alicia: 1st it’s about a fat camp (Ben Stiller) Tony is in charge and is a crazed fitness guru after ongoing torture of strict diets and intense work outs. For these porky campers enough is enough! They rebel setting out to make sure everyone who helped to torture them is paid back. Not only do they get even they end up beating the dick head athletic camp. Proving once and for all that fat kids are awesome!


Wesley: The Blob! The Apache Relay! This movie was everything! We weren’t allowed to watch this movie at camp because they were afraid fat kids would get made fun of.

Big Girls Don’t Cry…They Get Even


Wesley: Most people probably haven’t seen this movie. But it’s one of my favorites. I love that this super split family that has been divorced so many times and has offspring everywhere can come together to help one of their own.

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead


Wesley: ‘I’m right on top of that Rose!’ I wanted her life! I still don’t know what an Executive Administrative Assistant does and I’m ok with that! Also what does doing the QED report entail?

giphy (2)

Erin: still a fav movie. I remember the video store having a cardboard cutout. Was it rated r? I felt a little rebellious cause of the title. Wanted all Christinas clothes. Kind of thought she would hook up with her bro. Lol loved what they did with the yard and fashion show.

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  1. Okay, so I have to admit that I let my 8th graders watch Homeward Bound after all their standardized testing was done and I totally cried. Like could not control my tears. I dared them to try making fun (I had at least 95% of those bastards at least tearing up).

    And when I saw the title of this post…I knew Hocus Pocus would be on it. I freaking miss you.


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