Make a Comeback!

So for those of you who aren’t familiar in 2005 there was a show on HBO called The Comeback. 


It was pretty much one of the smartest, funniest shows I’d ever seen but it was cancelled after one season. Bad move HBO!


But now in 2014 HBO has given the green light for the show to make a comeback!

That’s so very exciting you have no idea! Unless you watched the show then you do have some sort of idea!

So this got me thinking…there are a lot of things out there that ended before their time and could probably use a comeback!

1. Stick Stickly


This was the definition of a 90’s childhood! Summer vacation you got to hang out with your friend Stick Stickly in the afternoon while he played your favorite Nickelodeon shows. He was cool, he was awkward, he was a popsicle stick!

Write to me

Stick Stickly

PO Box 963

New York City

New York State


Bring him back because kids could use guidance, even if it’s from a popsicle stick!

2. PB Crisps


I legit used to go to town on these. I make it no secret that I love Peanut Butter. They tasty treats were basically like what you would want to find inside of a peanut shell when you opened it. We need these back for mouth orgasm purposes.

3. Romy and Michelle


This movie was amazing. In fact from now until forever there will be one person who claims to have invented post its at their High School Reunion. So I’m thinking their 30th Reunion in 2017 will be even bigger and better! Is their store still open? How many kids does Christy Masters have now? Does Heather Mooney have lung cancer? We need answers!

4. Wonderballs


When these first came around they were legit! You would crack open the chocolate ball and inside was usually a small figurine of some sort from the Disney family. At some point Nestle was like eff off and started getting cheap. Suddenly you would find stickers, temporary tattoos or sour candies. Nestle could bring these back all they would have to do is keep the figurines in the ball and not be so cheap…let’s face it bitches love chocolate you making money honey!

5. Undressed


Everything I learned about sex and relationships I learned from this show. Gay/Straight/Bi they covered it all. Yes it was up late at night and yes I secretly stayed up watching it! It will probably never be released on DVD because MTV is like that! Remember how long it took for Daria to come out?!? You’re playing games MTV!

The fact of the matter is that sex education is important. This show helped teach the rules of sex, dating and relationships.

6. Super Size


Remember when McDonald’s had this option?!? I do it’s part of the reason I’m fat!

It should come back, I don’t want anything super sized or fries for that matter, but I want the option. There’s a certain power that came with ordering a super sized meal. You give the look to the cashier like ‘fuck you I’m going to finish this! Can I please have some BBQ sauce?’

7. Heroes


So this IS coming back….but I just wanted to remind everyone that I have a Heroes tattoo so I’m pretty excited.

I will also say that I hope they don’t fuck it up this time and for the love of God don’t bring Hiro back.

8. Clearly Canadian


Ok so as a kid we would walk down to the corner store and buy these all the time! Like it was going out of style(who knew it would go out of style).

Now I had the very unconventional habit of shaking these drinks. Because to my refined palate it tasted better this way. However this totally backfired once on the road coming back from Colorado when the bottle erupted straight onto the back of my dads head while he was driving.

It’s probably why he didn’t tell me Happy Birthday this year.

9. Pushing Daisies


I loved this show. It was so weird, captivating and simply lovely. The reason this show should come back is because ABC didn’t really give it a fair chance.

Also you can’t have a totally weird storyline and then cancel a show that people loyally watch its fucked up! Like I need to know if Chuck and Ned were able to stay together despite their inability to ever touch one another.

10. Blockbuster


As most of my friends in college will tell you I had a serious problem when it came to Blockbuster.

I would buy so many DVD’s. I would walk in and be like oh a SALE! Before you knew it I would drop like 40-100 dollars.

While it would seem as if I would be better off with them being out of business, realistically I need them so I can buy movies I love cheaper than having to buy them new!

11. TGIF Line Up


There was a time that it was cool to stay in on a Friday night and watch TV because of these shows:

Full House, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, Hangin with Mr. Cooper, Sister, Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clueless

Why not bring back family friendly entertainment on a Friday night? I mean I would have to DVR it but still…we could use some wholesome shows these days.

12. Salute Your Shorts


Two seasons wasn’t enough for this cult classic!

Part of it’s staying power and why it should have another run with a new cast is because everyone dreamed of going to summer camp. This show gave you a glimpse of what you thought it was like to be away from your parents for months.

13. Amanda Bynes


I mean I think she’s feeling better. Still unsure of what the problem is but we need the girl back who had us in stitches.

So while I’ll be sitting her watching She’s The Man until my DVD wears out. The whole time I’ll be hoping that we can get Nickelodeons princess back to full form.

14. Full House


It really hasn’t gone anywhere because it’s still on TV everyday. But it would be great to find out what happened to the Tanners since we never got a proper series finale! And I have some questions!

Did Joey ever find love? Did DJ and Steve end up together since they went to prom together? Does everyone still live in the house? Did Kimmy Gibbler ever just go ahead and move in? When did Comet die?

15. KB Toys


I’m not a kid anymore but this was honestly the best part about going to the mall. Malls kind of suck now it’s all about clothes and the food court.

Realistically it should come back because it’s kind of like a free babysitting service in the mall. Just drop your kids off there and grab your shit before you shop for your kids clothes.

16. The Brady Bunch


While I’ll admit that every year I watch A Very Brady Christmas like it’s brand new I’m thinking that bring back the old cast would actually be a bad idea.

I however think the concept of a blended family in today’s world of social media and disconnect would be interesting. Could play as a comedy or drama.

But that’s just my thought.

17. Pop Qwiz


The bag was one color…but the popcorn would sometimes pop that color but would more than likely pop another color.

It somehow made waiting by the microwave cool. The big reveal was awesome! It should come back because I can honestly say that I would still find this exciting.

18. Borders


So Border’s went under…which was confusing to me because to me it always had cheaper deals than Barnes & Noble and let’s face it the people working there were nicer as well.

It should come back because a lot of people could use reading in their life and they just haven’t figured it out yet!

19. Surge


I think that those of us who drank Surge and lived to talk about it can surely say that we were made stronger by drinking this drink. It was the ultimate steroid for recess!

It was like Four Loco for kids! It was awesome!

20. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

HH are you afraid of the dark gif

Kids today are pussies. Seriously though because of their parents childhood traumas that they’ve now passed onto their children, kids today don’t watch anything scary.

So my thought is to branch kids out into the world and see scary things they need this show to make a comeback.

21. Cheap Gas


Like really WTF happened?!?

When I started driving gas was about 1.60 a gallon…Can you even imagine if you saw a gas station that low now?


Get it together whoever caused this issue!

22. The Bozo Show


Fuck the clown

Bring back the bucket game! So we can all sit in judgement when a small child can’t get the damn ping-pong ball in the cup!

23. Carmen Sandiego


Going back to how kids today know less. Let’s talk about Geography…how many people could tell you what countries are on what continent? Not many!

But with Carmen’s help we can fix that problem! Everything is better in game form, especially learning! This way kids will actually learn where Canada is!

 24. Road Rules

road rules logo

Seriously I don’t understand what happened! I mean I guess maybe ratings declined some but at the end of the day Road Rules was awesome!

Trapping six people in a small ass RV driving all over to find their challenges with little to no money for food! What could be better? This way we can add more new people to The Challenge so we don’t see the same people every time…talking to you Johnny Bananas!

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