Happy Smother’s Day!

Mothers Day the one day of the year that it’s all about your mother!


Let’s be real most mothers make sure everyday is about them. The thing that makes this day different is this is the one that is really about them and they get gifts!

Mother’s Day is an American holiday that started in 1905, It was invented by a lady named Anna Jarvis, when her mother died.  She felt that all mothers should be celebrated.


She would!

The Holiday wasn’t officially recognized until 1910 by West Virginia.


They would!

Hallmark was created in 1910.


Coincidence? I think not!

Literally of all the made up holidays this one takes the cake! It came out the same year as the leader in holiday cards!


So take notice moms!

Personally I find Mother’s Day to be completely stressful!

For those of you who’ve met my mother I’m sure you can understand why…

For instance this year I won’t be getting home from work until around 4…CLEARLY I won’t be waking up early. But she wants to go to brunch. An early brunch…at the Elk’s lodge…

Just no!

But I have to go because otherwise I’ll have to deal with the wrath of Teresa!


I can only be reminded that I was born 23 1/2 inches so many times before it has no effect of guilt anymore.


Let’s talk about gifts….


This is a lie! Of course they care about the gift they get! Especially after you’ve passed a certain age where macaroni art isn’t cute anymore…Trust me I tried last year it didn’t go very well!


At the end of the day they want jewelry or a plant. I can’t tell you how many plants have died to make Teresa happy for one day.

You could always get them some kind of makeover as a gift


But then you’d have to try to figure out what exactly they did with the gift certificate to know what to compliment. Did they do something to their hair? or maybe face? oh it’s the nails they did their nails!

Get it right you’re in the clear…get it wrong…


It’s the one day of the year that they don’t have to cook. Since most small kids don’t have money they’ll make their moms breakfast in bed. Which is really so great!


I would love breakfast in bed. However I wouldn’t like to deal with we all know awaits them in the kitchen when they get up.


Sorry Moms…but you know that chances of your kids and husband thinking of doing the dishes are not very likely!

The best part is when you get a gift that your mom HATES. They don’t want to give it away that they hate it but you can tell.

On the outside they’re like:


But on the inside:


And we all know where the gift will end up!


Mothers Day always starts off just fine


But then they want to talk to you about life and where you’re going in life


Which then of course stresses them out when they don’t get the answer that they want


Then out of left field they start asking about grand babies and when they’re going to get some.


They start drinking early because they are hosting the whole family for Mothers Day this year.


Of course the family members your mom hates show up


Causing her to  have a total mental breakdown by the end of the day


Mothers Day at the end of the day is supposed to be about celebrating the person who carried you around inside them for 9 months until you came out to greet the world.

You celebrate the sacrifices that they made for you. You celebrate how they protected you.


Part of that celebration just happens to include listening to all of the embarrassing and horrible things you did as a child and not saying anything even though you’re basically dying on the inside.


   So Happy Mother’s Day! and Good Luck!

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