16 Things That Make Me Cry

There is a large stigma on crying.

If you do it too much you’re an emotional train wreck.

If you don’t do it enough you’re cold.

I for one don’t mind crying but I choose to mostly do it alone. I don’t know how I manage to control it when I’m around other people but some how I just do!

I would also like to add that crying was not something that I did regularly. I actually only really started crying after my Grandma passed away. It was like suddenly a whole new emotion had been unlocked that I couldn’t shut off!

I like to call it ‘The Feels’


So what gives me The Feels?

(This will contain some spoilers to some things that maybe you haven’t seen yet in film and television)

1. The ending to Marley & Me


I should have known what I was getting myself into. I knew how it ended because people who had seen it spoiled it. So I vowed to wait and watch it alone…It was bad! It was one of those cries where you whimper a little bit too.

2. Whenever I would leave camp


It’s why I couldn’t go back anymore. It’s emotionally draining to say goodbye to people you fall in love with knowing you probably won’t see them again. It’s completely overwhelming!

3. When Buffy died(The second time)


I mean this shit gave me some serious feels. How can you kill off my favorite character on my favorite show?!? Then move the show to UPN which I didn’t have so I had to wait until the DVDs released to find out she came back to life!!!

Buffy Honorable Mention – When her mom, Joyce, died from non supernatural circumstances. I dare anyone to watch this episode and not get the feels.




4. The movie The Impossible


Seriously try watching this movie and not crying! It comes in waves…which now that I type that makes sense because the movie is about a giant wave…


5. Whenever I one of my dogs passes away


Mind you this hasn’t happened since Chance died in 08 but those who were around during that can assure you I was a hot ass fucking mess. I literally sat around listening to depressing music ON PURPOSE! Just keep that sad train rolling.

6. Whenever Dr. Mark Greene died on ER


Ok maybe it was because I had seen the whole show and I grew up watching this character…or maybe it was the song Over The Rainbow that cool Hawaiian one…or maybe it was the fact that they made you think he was getting better, then nope fuck the audience he’s dying! It was emotional and sad and I cried then and I cried as an adult when I watched it again.


ER Honorable Mention – When they killed Lucy Knight. It was really sad watching everyone try to save her life but Mark Greene for the win!


7. When Optimus Prime died in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Honestly it only happened one time and I was so stoned. It was like my childhood was over!


8. When Sun and Jin died together on Lost


Honestly I’m over people talking about when Charlie died….Sun and Jin went through so much and were apart for so long. Then when they’re finally reunited of course they have to die!


9. When you pull up to the drive thru and McDonald’s and they’re only taking cash


WHAT YEAR IS IT McDONALD’S!!!!!!!!!! Get it together!

10. When the contestants on Survivor get the family visit. 


Seriously these people are just torn up at this point! They’ve been on the island or wherever they are for at least 3o days. They’re hungry and they’ve been stuck with the same people day in and day out. Then their family member of choice comes out and it just gives you serious feels!


11. Bridge to Terabithia


Seriously the movie is so sad….come to find out so is the book! I mean I guess you should expect that considering its about a boy who has no friends. Finally makes someone and they become best friends…then she dies!


12. My Girl



Seriously though that ending…but seriously where are his glasses?


13. When you pour the cereal then realize you don’t have any milk. 


At the end of the day it’s my own fault I should have checked the fridge first!

14. Those soldiers surprising their families videos


I use these to have a good cry. Because sometimes you have to purge the water reserves. You can’t not cry watching people get surprised by their loved one that they worried about everyday.

15. Spiders and Snakes


Like just stop being! The food chain will recover! Nature will find a balance without you!

16. Knowing that Todd and Copper can never be friends!



Seriously the saddest thing ever! Because racism!


Obviously there are other circumstances that make me cry. I’m sure I would not be ok if I lost a loved one but I don’t want to name names and say such and such and so and so will make me cry. Don’t want anyone feeling bad that I wouldn’t cry at all. That would hurt people’s feelings I think!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please share with me what makes you cry?!?

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