Camp: Spit Shine

Before reading this entry be sure to read my previous entry about working at Camp Tanuga!

Camp: Oh No!

As I mentioned things weren’t exactly ready when I showed up. Let’s face it I was extremely naive. I don’t know why I was under the impression that I was only hired to look after kids and not have to do actual manual labor.

Now don’t get me wrong I honestly don’t mind doing it. I really don’t….seriously I swear. But seeing as how I went into this adventure alone I had hoped for more socializing. Getting to know other counselors and not so much of the other stuff.

I don’t really get along with guys so well. So it was kind of crucial to find people I would be comfortable sharing a cabin with rather than cleaning fire pits. Did I mention the fact that I knew no one going into this? Yeah ok so that’s out there!

So every day that we didn’t have campers was another day of random cleaning activities and lifting.

Let me also mention that Northern Michigan in May is still highly unpredictable weather wise




Literally within an hour both of those would be expressed. While normally you would think oh if it gets cold you can just run back to your cabin and grab a sweater. This it true you could, but if you left you opened up a can of worms. People would be able to say oh that persons lazy they keep running around changing clothes and not doing much work.


So kids remember it’s very important to dress in layers! Also it’s probably a good idea to check the weather report every day

The staff would all gather together after meals to get assigned tasks for. Some people who ran certain activities would already know what they needed to do; the rest of the general staff would have to volunteer for things.

Management would say they had a job and needed 3 people. Mind you they don’t always tell you what the job is. So you sit there in a near state of panic.


Not knowing what you’re volunteering for is nerve-racking! You could end up having to organize beads at arts and crafts or shoveling horse shit at the stables!

If you don’t volunteer right away you come across as unenthusiastic and not wanting to be there. If you volunteer to eagerly then you’re an overachiever. It’s really a conundrum and you just end up looking awkward.


Not to mention when you end up in a group of people that you don’t know that well or people you really don’t like.


Thus causing all interactions to be forced and fake until you really like the person…or you could just work in awkward silence. Let’s face it I barely know what silence is! Knowing that you’ll have to spend an entire summer with the same people day in/day out it’s important to try not to make enemies. But then again I’m Wesley and if there is one thing I know how to do is to piss people off. One thing I haven’t figured out how to do however is stop my face from showing disinterest in people. Whoops!

So let’s talk about some of these jobs!

Decobwebing – Cob Webs = Spiders. Spiders I hate!


I can’t even describe to you the anxiety I had every time I had to grab a broom and try to remove spiders webs and nests from the outside of the cabins. I was told that their are no poisonous spiders in the state of Michigan.


We all know that spiders can’t be trusted! That they do what they want and go where they want. If they want to be in Michigan they will be in Michigan! And besides are there people watching the entire state boarder to make sure spiders don’t cross over? Because that seems ridiculous!

I was also told there were no venomous snakes in Michigan either…tumblr_mob83oNx131ql5yr7o1_500

I’m not a scientist but I’m pretty sure if a snake wanted you dead it would happen. Hence why I killed that snake I came across that one time I saw a snake in Michigan.

I don’t have time for that!

So as you’re going along searching for these abominations nests to destroy. Each time you find one this is what you expect to happen when you touch them.


Terrifying! But seeing as how I’m still alive you know that the nests never hatched.

Another one of our tasks was to walk the lake. All the staff would form a line in the water and walk across the part of the lake that we use for activities. When we felt something we had to reach down and pull it out of the water. It’s completely harmless really other than the fact that lakes in Michigan don’t warm up until later in the summer. So you get to hang out in 3o degree water until all lake debris has been cleared.


So maybe that gif is an exaggeration of how cold the water is but seriously it was fucking freezing! Well played Lake Manistee!

To this day one of the funniest things ever was spending hours raking trails. Because they couldn’t look like nature!


Literally the entire time you’re raking you’re thinking to yourself why are we committing a hate crime against these three pine needles. What did they do to deserve being raked away like they didn’t matter?

Does anyone like mopping? Like is that a thing?


Mop n glo is the vain of existence! We would have to sweep the cabin get all the sand out of which is almost impossible because Michigan soil is primarily sand and not dirt. So it’s everywhere! Once you’ve swept out the cabin it was time to mop the shit out of it. Literally if you couldn’t see a nice glow on the floor you had to do it again.

To this day I don’t mop…I swiffer and I feel really good about this decision.

My personal favorite task was being assigned to ride horses. I mean thats it? You just want me to ride a horse? Yes sign me up I will do that!


I love horses! I can’t even lie about how much I loved that part of the job. Breaking in horses and making sure tree limps wouldn’t hit people on the trails I’m all for it!

One day a crew of us were tasked with putting a new varnish on the upper dec/rec dec. Now a difficult talk really just LONG process because it was quite a large deck with a lot of posts to lacquer. My cabin was close so I suggested I grab my iHome and we could listen to music while we got a little high on the paint fumes.

So we listen to a Maroon 5 song. No big deal! Everyone loves Maroon 5! Then that song finished and another Maroon 5 song played! It continued to only play Maroon 5 on shuffle. Internally I was loving it!!!!tumblr_lwj8vmQCyM1ql5yr7o1_400

But because everyone else was like WTF Wesley do you only have Maroon 5 on there?!? I had to be just as upset!


I would later find out that my iPod actually had a virus. The lady at the apple store informed me that normally it happened with Coldplay. So it wasn’t actually my fault that my iPod was only playing Maroon 5.

Some people would say that I probably wasn’t the best person for that portion of the job. Manual labor really just isn’t my forte. I’m more on the Social labor side of things. But I would never consider myself to have been lazy.

I can’t however speak for other peoples opinions of me to that I say whatevs!


  1. the titanic scene was not an exaggeration..point in case the lifesaving class of 06 held in Ma-Nasty that was stopped mid way through because everyone was turning blue and then someone got taken to hospital….


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