First it must be stated that I cannot believe that it’s been ten years since I was a student at GCHS. It feels like just yesterday, but part of that is due to my obnoxiously amazing memory of events. Despite my good memory I can say it’s still weird!

This was probably one of the craziest build ups for a reunion ever. So much shit has been said since the plans were announced because obviously if people don’t get their way they have to bitch and moan in a public forum. It’s sad to see that in the 10 years since we’ve been out some haven’t quite figured that out yet.

With that said! I loved this week so much! Hanging out with Ari, Ross and Jenna was a good laugh everyday. Also who doesn’t like getting slightly crafty or learning how to shop at Goodwill? Friday night they even managed to get me to go to Bindy’s for the first time…it was interesting! When I got home I seriously couldn’t sleep until like 5 am because I was a big ball of nerves.

Saturday morning I ran over to visit with Breanna Atchley who I sadly haven’t seen in ages. Although she wasn’t attending the reunion it seemed as good a time as any to catch up.

I made sure to drive past Fatty Patty’s on my way home just so I could snap a shot of the other reunion.



Waiting for Clark to show up felt like forever then when she finally got here she got ready and almost set my bed on fire. Hair Straighteners say caution for a reason ladies!


Some pre reunion shots! Notice our awesome shot glasses!


Romy and Michelle moment!

Once we were done getting ready it was off to the Tyler homestead to pick up Ari who wasn’t ready at all  but it’s fine because we saw her libby lu’s or whatever and took a per fucked up photo so we could remember how well we started out.


She had to put on them tall heels so she could try to be my height. That’s a good date right there!

The three of us journeyed to the Mexican Honorary Hall and on the way came upon an older dog in the street that Ari said had she been alone she would have picked it up. It was a little dirty so I’m ok with it being a cool street dog….hope he’s ok

So we arrive at the hall and I was really pleased it was super nice. So good job picking that building ladies!


Clark of course had the best name tag!

Instantly once we brought everything in we were in decorating mode until we realized that we hadn’t purchased soda for the evening so Clark and I made a run to the Wal-Mart to appease our guests before their arrival.

First, I must say that it was disgustingly hot in there. Like why is the heat on when it’s still in the 80s/90s outside…get it together Wal-Mart.

Second, Clark took this picture of me to show how much faster I was walking than her.


By the time we got back people were basically already starting to arrive so it was pretty good timing. Also kudos to Ari for hiding my boxed wine. Don’t wanna be sharing that with everybody!


We made sure to post some really solid rules for people to abide by while attending the reunion. Most are Dare Dance rules but the time out corner was all me! And I’m very proud of it!

It was pretty crazy how fast the room filled up with faces I recognized and faces I didn’t…I’m fairly certain once there was a crowd of people they started getting antsy to eat. Food was supposed to start at 7 but of course wouldn’t you know it that didn’t quite happen but it’s all good gave everyone more time to chit chat.

People started to get called to eat and then Wesley Cooper’s table got called…the Cooper Copper conundrum continues!


As you can see from the evidence provided above I’m clearly better suited as a Copper.

Before getting in line I made sure to make myself some elbow room.


Removing one chair makes so much more room! However after returning from the food line I found that Cara Paoli had set the chair back up…I wasn’t mad about it though she’s good people and we had a good laugh when my dumb ass started designating names for the tables.

I had a serious issue though when it came to eating because I was already kind of drunk so it was a little difficult to eat which would explain me getting super drunk later. It’s all good.


A quick guide to help everyone figure out what people were on at the reunion! Yeah I’m going to go ahead and say that at least five of these were in circulation!


Of course we had to get a pic together because we’ve been besties since senior year and still feel the love!


Nothing says reunion like taking cute prom photos for the moms!


I started the evening by trying to ‘twerk’ on Alicia who then tried to fondle my penis….silly Alicia!


It was time to get the dancing started…Dare Dance romance style!


Except it was Jason Davis who killed the dance floor…RIP just killed the club!


It was not uncommon to find me outside smoking because it was hot as hell in that hall! and I was anxious as hell!


Heather Werner Chapman “Remember how quiet you used to be?” No Heather because that was never a thing! haha I was just not as loud as you


I peaked! Deal with it! But seriously who used this?!?


Love the hookers sfm! Except for some reason Danielle and I look like we’re taking drunk wedding photos…it’s fine.


6’3 takes it all the way down to the floor and poses! Mad skills!


Showing Tiffany’s husband who is boss! He’s a good sport!


My Sara’s through thick and thin! Love that Kennerly was able to get Fleenor to attend.


My first wife! Married in the Burger King drive thru at the tender age of five. I said no but she said I had too. She won! Loved seeing her face!


Seriously love you both but who looks more asian? #probablyracist


Anisha’s dancing alone is why there will probably be a 11 year reunion…she dropped down to the floor in a split and I lost my damn mind!

The night was a complete blur and a complete blast! It was so nice catching up with so many people and dance my ass off I’m pretty sure everyone lost three pounds!


Before leaving I made sure to try to get pics of the committee in the Time Out Corner! I found Anna, Annie and Jenna but I couldn’t find Kate and Ari was mad at me because I wasn’t going to Jake’s.


And of course I got a pic of Katie with the Fatty Patty’s sign.

Clark and I head across the river to meet up with out peeps.


She was really excited to get a Busch that didn’t have dirt on it or one that didn’t expire in 08!


I was wasted and for some reason this picture happened. #noshame

Clark and I ended up running into some of the cast members of Project Runway who were in town for STL Fashion show.


Joshua McKinley my fav he’s a peach!


Laura Kathleen!


Anthony Ryan!

We left the bar shortly after this to go back to Nikki and Rachel’s apartment to watch Hocus Pocus and keep drinking.

That didn’t really happen though because we started Hocus Pocus and most people started passing out by the time the witches showed up.

I went to sleep with Rachel and decided that we were going to talk and that I would simulate sex on her. It was a great evening.

The next morning I looked like this



We all got ready and headed over to Three Monkeys for brunch and it was amazing!!! I highly recommend it!

I must say it was such a blast of a day and I’m super excited for rekindling old friendships. Life can be a bitch sometimes and you lose touch but it’s easy to start again!


Brought to you by this montage


And Chad’s face in this picture!

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