Five Day Bender: The Days Between Births

I was awoken on Thursday morning by the presence of Clark and Danny in the room with me.

Snapping a picture on the camera I got from Brandi and Kayla. I simply asked them to come cuddle because I was dead.

For some reason I had the urge to move at which point I uttered the words ‘I sat up and it hurt’ and ‘I can’t life right now’.

After a complete recap of the night before and the dumbfuckery that occurred I somehow pulled myself together enough to get dressed.

We went to lunch at Benton Park Cafe. Which I had to take a break after each bite because I didn’t have the energy to continue. Plus when I got fully full I totally had to shit! #sorrynotsorry

Danny dropped us off at our cars so we could get them back to the house. But first we picked up that cheesecake from Alex’s and luckily their drunk asses didn’t devour it.

As soon as we got back to Danny’s Clark opened it up and just took some bites right out of the middle it’s fine though. After a brief lounging she hit the road back to Peoria. Which prompted me to go get ready to see The Hangover 3 with Nikki.

We both enjoyed it. I doubt many will but I actually laughed a lot more than in the second one. It’s doesn’t hurt when you watch it at the Moolah. After the movie we went to eat at Crazy Bowls & Wraps, only after I navigated a busted ass circle to get around because everything was one way and I ain’t no law-breaker!

Went back to the house to find myself locked out because Danny was napping and didn’t get my text that I was on the way back. So Brandi came down and let me in. Brandi, Kayla and myself enjoyed a nice chat before Danny and I went out to the bars.

The goal was to leave by 11:30 mind you goals are set to fail them…naturally. Went to meet up at Honey. first for Alex’s going away party. I did decide to get a drink that Amy Stacy filled up about 3/4 with Vodka…the smell alone clearly informed me I was not meant to drink that night. But I did…had two in fact.

Around 11:30 we went down the street to Rehab to say Happy Birthday to Nick in person. When we walked in Kyle the bartender said if he drank as much as I did on Wednesday he would have had to go to the hospital. I responded by saying that’s funny how much did I drink? It was a good laugh. Then it was back to the house to rest because I was exhausted.

Got back and talked to home girl Morgan for a while and then crashed. In the morning Danny and I ran to Schnuck’s to get food to make for lunch with Ashley Krull.

That Danny sho can cook. It’s always funny to watch when bitch starts plating like we on Top Chef. God Bless it!

After lunch we got some pictures developed for Nikki’s party on Saturday. Then went to his room to watch Friday the 13th followed by Hell’s Kitchen…I’ll be damned if I didn’t crack the fuck up the whole damn episode at this bitch named Nedra.


Got ready for an evening out and it was off to Rehab. Got some food and had some drinks…you know how we do!


We tried to subtly get a pic with this crazy dressed lady…


Sometimes you just have to be brace and ask for a picture….


And when they are non suspecting you get this gem! Note Laura’s face…epic! Bitch is dressed like someone who would have died in an 80’s scary movie.


Someone spilled shit but don’t worry Rachel was on it!


Laura took in some light reading!


And some old ass had to get up and bomb the picture Rude Sir!


Angela busted out this box of Barbie clothes and I decided that I would wear the boots on my fingers…then for some reason eating out my finger seemed like a solid plan.


Then took a walk on the wild side…on Nikki’s face.


Thanks to Laura we were able to check ourselves out on the Breathalyzer… .01 for this guy. Don’t worry I’m sure it got higher.


Yeah I’m inhaling her old air.


That looks like .18 ….damn Gina!!!


I decided to tell Angela about my broken arm…covered in a paper towel….Tammy style


Jim took a group shot of everyone.


Apparently it wasn’t good enough so we all had to move around.


Sometimes I’m surprised we’re still welcome some places….


Oh Hai There!


I don’t think either of us knew what pose we were doing…but I got that tit!


Nikki always enjoys getting down with white/black/? homeless people!


Someone got sassed!


Ferngully looking bitch!


Oh a normal pic…how odd….


Twilight lookin bitch! Acting like she got bit.


Don’t mind me…just texting!


Oh Bitch getting face palmed! Thats something new…


Jekyll & Hyde


On the way to Novaks Laura found a kindred cat shirt spirit animal!


‘Boo take a picture of me with my popcorn’…ok


Ole girl Mac came out…boo you need to lay off the vicodin


I got a picture of this girl because I was wasted and she looked like someone I worked at camp with…it wasn’t Steph…the girl kept apologizing for being sweaty.


We have no shame when it comes to pool tables


Oh she just be biting down on that french fry!

Some events occurred….then it was off to bed.

To be continued…

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