Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 13


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Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 12


Can we discuss this so-called porn with Teen Mom Farrah? Like you tried to act like it was a set up, but you were fucking one of the top straight male porn stars…did you think people would believe that? Sad day for her ya’ll Continue reading

White Trash and Wasted!

Even as I sit here and begin to write this I must say I’m so tired!

My entire body is in pain. I’m seriously not drinking this week because the thought of it makes me want to vomit, which you’ll soon find out actually happened.

Lets take a journey back and remember this shitastic weekend. For starters Thursday I got to go to dinner with Alex and Kayla. We went to this BBQ place called Pappy’s. It was really good but I didn’t finish my food so Kayla ate my fries. Everytime one of the workers walked by us they would try to take it and bitch almost pulled a Chris Farley in Gap Girls it was fantastic. Continue reading

Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 10 + 11


With all the drama surrounding The Today Show following Ann Curry’s firing much of the heat has been placed on Matt Lauer. You know the guy we liked when Katie was on the show. Anyway NBC is allegedly looking to replace him and right now all eyes are on Anderson Cooper. Yes please! Continue reading

Extra Boughie Cat Patties

Being scheduled to work 12-8:30 on Thursday should have been a good thing. I got to sleep in which is always nice knowing you’ll be out drinking later…however worked sucked dick. It was so stupid annoying. Like how many times do we need to give out keys to the wrong room? Ridiculous.

Anywho once I was off work it was time to get the party started! Changed at Alex and Nikki’s because as you can see my work uniform is gross as fuck!

Headed down to the bar for a night of debauchery! Once I got there Alex acted like I was a douchebag for not noticing he got a haircut and color….we were sitting in the dark. Someone needed to lock it up and the night had only just begun.

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