Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 13


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The Time 100 list came out these are some of the lucky recipients. Click on any of the names to read their bio.


There was a crazy rumor that there would be a relaunch of the series Friends. Since the rumor surfaced and circulated it was just as quickly shut down by the Producers that it will never happen. I for one wouldn’t mind a Friends reunion but I do think it should be after the show has been off the air for 20 years or so. See where they’ve all gone in life.


Kelly Rowland will possibly be replacing Britney Spears on the X Factor. KELLY ROWLEGEND IN THE HOUSE YA’LL


As of today the Senate has voted not to have stronger background checks in order to get a gun. Because why help progress?


Disney announced that starting in 2015 we will have a new Star Wars movie every year.


Continuing on the stupidity train Justin Bieber posted the above pic to Instagram. Insinuating a relationship with a belieber is one thing but considering most are underage it’s just an incredibly poor decision.


Pitch Perfect 2 is coming in 2015….no idea what will happen in the movie but it will be Acca-mazing


Bradley Cooper said in an interview that he lives with his mom. Before you judge it’s because after his father passed away it was easier for the two of them to be together.


It was announced that after 31 years of marriage Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has separated. This being due to Ozzy’s slip in his sobriety, though he is back on the wagon now it’s currently unclear if they will mend their relationship.


Nick Lachey threw some shade towards Kim Kardashian stating that when they went on a date to a movie in 2006 when they entered the theater there were no cameras. When they left there were about 30 photogs waiting outside for them. Shocking? Not with Kim.


Kelly Clarkson will be releasing a Christmas CD. Tis’ the mother fucking season y’all

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