Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 10 + 11


With all the drama surrounding The Today Show following Ann Curry’s firing much of the heat has been placed on Matt Lauer. You know the guy we liked when Katie was on the show. Anyway NBC is allegedly looking to replace him and right now all eyes are on Anderson Cooper. Yes please!


I mean I get leaving your dog in the car…but your baby…really? REALLY? I surely hope that this ‘parent’ loses rights for being so careless with their child.


My girl is pregnant!


Justin Timberlake is being courted to host the Oscars next year. It’s very nice of the Academy to offer him the job because it’s not like he’s ever gonna win one.


Can I just say I think it’s sad the celebs are able to get away with things like they do, mainly at airports. I can only imagine the reaction if a normal person walked in to board a plane without a shirt or while wearing next to nothing. Yet we allow people to feel entitled enough to be ‘above’ the law. Frankly it’s a real damn shame.


Tilda Swinton slept in a glass box…remains better than all of us


Does she mean Jimmy from Degrassi?


So Lindsay’s court deal was the she had to do 90 days in a ‘Lockdown’ rehab center…only they don’t really exist. So one would assume that LiLo will be seeing bars soon.


Oh yeah BTW this guy was on the set of GMW(Girl Meets World) I mean it’s been a long time but I’m sure we can all still learn something from Mr. Feeny.(Btw that’s Rachel!)


Corey Monteith went into Rehab…I mean really? Does anyone else question this?


Finding Dory! It’s Happening!


Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she was pregnant…after April Fools day! Bitch is so high she can’t even prank right


Chris Brown is praying for Justin Bieber…ok


An open letter from the mom from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Wendy Williams…A MUST READ

‘Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy,

Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.

Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest. Please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of.

Now perhaps other black women have allowed you to berate them and continued to support you in this manner of madness and rewarding hatefulness. So I sat there and watched you like some devilish sinkhole swallow up Tatyana Ali. You reduced her to a child sitting their tempting to keep some symbolism of dignity about her as you pried and invaded her life until you got what you wanted.

You are such a demon Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy you are a virus. You are not nor have you ever been a true woman.

I just would like to know who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so bad that you would kill for it and you will kill anyone to achieve success. Sister, you will never be another Oprah. Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded an air of class.

But you know what Wendy, you are not even in my league. It is so beneath me to even bother with someone like you, but you asked for it. You will not destroy all of the hard work that I went through for the last decade to clear my good name. I simply will not allow you to do so. I’m a lady and a real one. Wendy girlfriend you just messed with the wrong sista.

So, here is my advice to you Wendy. Wipe your giant teeth off camera. Please put some sweat pits under your arms, and darling if your sweater is pulling until there are lines across your chest, its too tight. You might want to deflate those tremendous breast. Take off the fake blonde hair. You have to stop playing the race card because you are coming off like a want to be white girl who will never be white.

I kind of feel sorry for you. You sit there on your big-footed tacky throne everyday while millions of people are laughing at you not with you. There is a big difference. Nobody cares about what you think about his or her lives. But we do care about what you put out there about us. My heart saddens that women, especially black women, have embraced her evil after all of our struggles in society. You and your kind have set us back a hundred years or so. How dare you chastise anyone when you are such a travesty?

Now take that, chew it my dear and stick it on your lord have mercy you are disgusting fly ridden gum wall. And that’s the advice I have for you my sister.’


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