Shhh! It’s Gossip! Week 6

The Onion News managed to post this during the Oscars before quickly removing it.


I mean really? Who thought this was appropriate?

The New Dancing With Stars cast was announced. One would think after an ‘All-Star’ season they could get some legit stars….but nope. Boxer Victor Ortiz, Singer Kellie Pickler, Country star Wynonna Judd, Soap star Ingo Rademacher, Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman, Comedian Andy Dick, Reality star Lisa Vanderpump, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill, Comedian D.L. Hughley, NFL star Jacoby Jones


Oh Adele how I love thee but bitch almost has an EGOT and I’m fucking jealous as shit


Seriously can someone have this bitch get her life together?


The country of Iceland actually banned Porn…adding another reason no one goes to Iceland.


Remember when this happened?


Or This?


Congrats to Breaking Dawn Part 2 on all those well deserved Razzies. Hey at least Kristen won something right?


Diane Lane has separated from Josh Brolin…Am I the only one hoping for Under the Tuscan Sun 2?


Steven Tyler says he snorted half of Peru…which would explain these pants


A man in Florida was arrested after he posted a picture of himself hugging a Manatee. Apparently Manatee’s are very sensitive and this hug could have led the Manatee to die…sounds like someone needs to give these Manatee’s some uppers.


There was that one time that Jennifer Hudson checked out Charlize Theron’s ass and thought DAT ASS



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