Shhh! It’s Gossip! Week 4

 Since he wasn’t nominated for a Grammy the Bieber decided to try to steal viewers via twitter. That’ll help him in his next album campaign.


The pope has resigned from his post. He’s the first pope to quit since 1415. Jesus Wept.


During the Grammys Adele managed to put Chris brown in his place after he refused to stand for frank ocean when he won. Oh Chris do you know how well she can write negatively about someone


Singer Toni Braxton said she was going to retire from music….This didn’t already happen?


In Montana a TV station was hacked sending out a warning of a zombie apocalypse. They sure picked the right state for it. I mean it is still 2005 in Montana .


Amanda Bynes came out of hiding to post this tweet. I mean I don’t see what the big deal is…Jay-Z does look like Joe Camel.


The police chief whom helped Chris Brown fake his community service has resigned. Oh Chris! When with the life ruining end?


This mans mom was arrested after she visited him in jail. When saying goodbye they made out during which time she managed to slip two Oxycodone’s into his mouth. I think we can out let out an equal eww!


Honey Boo Boo’s mom may be headed to Dancing With The Stars. No jokes here I will love every minute of this!!!!


Kristen from Laguna Beach says that MTV made her be a bitch. I can’t believe this…that show was so real! How could they ‘make’ them do anything?


The IOC has decided that Wrestling will no longer be an Olympic event come 2020. The reason: They have to lose an event to make room for Golf and Rugby. Nothing like throwing out one of the oldest Olympic traditions to make room for the world’s most boring sport.


Steve Martin you ARE the father. At the young age of 67. I smell Father of the Bride part 3 y’all.


Lady Gaga canceled four shows because she can’t walk. One of the shows was to be held in Chicago, I’m being told that Boystown is overwhelmed with riots at this time. Here’s hoping it’s permanent.


A family is suing Disneyland because the White Rabbit wouldn’t hug their kids  but did hug a white family making the White Rabbit racist. First of all, why sue the WHOLE park because of one employee? Second, I’m betting the reason the character didn’t touch your children is because they were shithead, characters hate shitheads! Third, who gives a fuck about the white rabbit?


Taylor swift said she never chases boys. Stalking is totally different!


I think I can let this picture speak for itself.


Kate Gosselin said this week that she feels insecure, alone & ugly because of Internet bullies. No Kate it’s because you already are all of those things




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