Shhh! It’s Gossip! Week 3

Lindsay Lohan was apparently not aware she owed money to her recently dismissed lawyer. Because most lawyers work for free this is a common fact…


Beyonce managed to pull of a great halftime show. Oh wait nevermind she flashed an Illuminati symbol we must hate her now.


Obama used a gun for skeet shooting. Which has nothing to do with the new gun regulations. However we must now harshly judge him. Let us remember it was a Republican that shot somebody while hunting. Never forget.


Burger King in the UK admitted to using Horse Meat in their burgers. Thank god I only eat the chicken sandwiches.


A parent in New York is suing the police and NYC for $250 million after the police allegedly handcuffed and interrogated him. The boy stole $5 from a classmate, the one thing we know for sure is he needs to step it up because his mom is trying to steal a lot more.


Ashley Judd may be running for senate in her home state of Kentucky. Her divorce is only fueling these rumors because her husband is Scottish and being married to a foreigner wouldn’t help her in Kentucky.


Justin Timberlake allegedly calls Britney Spears a bitch. During his apology he did say well It’s Britney Bitch. 1 point Timberlake.


Justin Bieber groped a 15 year old girl. Lesbians these days can’t keep their hands to themselves!


King Richard III skeleton was found under a parking lot in Leicester. They tested the DNA with a distant relative and it was a match. Not to question science but they could test my DNA and it would probably match. You know how much humans have bred since 1485?


Amanda Bynes may be getting evicted from her NYC apartment for smoking too much pot….is this a thing in NYC?!? Somebody might want to ASK Ashley!


In awesome mug shot news there’s this guy! Talk about Dazed and Confused!


Chick Fil A posted that they’re actually doing better since their gay marriage controversy. Just goes to show how much people will spend to support hatred.


The reboot of the Ricki Lake Show has been cancelled to make room for the ever so vile Kris Jenner. Apparently you can stop the beat!


Shonda Rhimes assures us there will be no catastrophic incident in the season finale of Grey’s this year. The bitch better come through on this!


Kristen Wiig officially joins the cast of Anchorman 2! Is it too early to order tickets?


Keyshia Cole said Michelle Williams was ‘whack’ during the Superbowl Halftime show. The world asked who Keyshia Cole was.


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