PFT: The Beginning

The love affair with Lynn began while working on the show Blur. She was the worst stage hand ever!(except not really, she was a really hard worker her name just wasn’t Acacia) I watched her work hard and fight when accused of not working hard enough. I thought to myself…’This Bitch!’

I loved her. We discovered we enjoy the same sick, dirty, sexual sense of humor and touching.

That same year I did a One Act by myself. I was accused of stealing ‘movement’ from people at SIUE. While my concept was my own and about daily struggle’s. I wasn’t aware that I had to credit every person who had ever moved ever. People just need to tell you this is a necessity.

I began having discussions with my life partner Lynn about doing some creating together. We eliminated the idea of procreation immediately and began to work out doing an original piece together for the next One Acts.

Many people have wondered how Lynn and I create our original works.

The time has come for you to understand how it works.

It’s really kind of crazy actually.

It usually starts with a night of brain storming. By brain storming I mean we’d sit around drinking wine and smoking while watching strangers with candy or a movie with subtitles. There would often be random yelling of words that would probably make any neighbor worry. A game of pretty pretty princess. Her going to the bathroom with the door open and asking me to come talk to her. A visit to Denny’s. Finally ending by visiting the smoker’s area at Dunham Hall. Constance was usually around for the process but she never tried to throw in ideas she was good as long as she was cast.

Each piece would start out with a concept. Suburban life. Death etc. From there it would spiral into a series of random notes in a note pad. Each note would be worked out in pow wow sessions to see whether or not it would translate to the stage.

Usually it would be one word ideas for the piece. This would be necessary we wouldn’t want our ideas stolen or to fall into the wrong hands. We also wouldn’t really let people talk about what happened in rehearsals. No spoilers allowed.

By the time auditions we would have already pretty much decided who would be in our piece. But we would still sit through the process, mostly because some auditions are so fucking awkward and we lived for that shit. One downside was dealing with troll beasts obsessed with Mitch Hedberg.

Nothing like having a casting session where people have to read a blind scene, to ultimately discover that most people can’t read. Nor can the act with emotionless scripts.

When casting would begin with the other directors it was every man for himself. With SETO setting a rule about how many pieces a person can be in, it made it difficult for the other directors to get who they wanted. Mostly because we pre cast our pieces for the most part or were requested so we got our actors without question.(I’m sure there was questions and complaints but it sucks to suck) We never had to worry about not getting the actors we wanted. It was a great feeling.

*Spoiler Alert* When we created something we won prizes. We were two for two in Best One Act awards.


We are very humble people.

When I found out my Grandma was dying I was in a dark place. The one thing that I knew for sure was that I had to do something big before she died. To prove I was important. I decided that I would need to do a show, but I would never do a show without Lynn. She is one of the most brilliant people I know and we nurture ideas together that become something quite amazing.

When it came time to form PFT the conversation went like this:
‘Want to do a show?’-Me

I imagine that’s how Steven Spielberg’s project conversations go.

When deciding what pieces we would choose to do for our show we pow wowed at Jesse, Spenser and Clark’s. We worked diligently on the floor while Jesse and Spenser smoked out on the couch. We quickly came up with a solid set of pieces including our first two projects. Using a book called how to write a romance novel we came up with a scripted piece of amazingness. Knocked out a few monologues for transitions.

Realizing we didn’t have enough pieces we had to really think. Lucky for us there is this thing called big trash day. For those of you who don’t know what it is it’s basically a white trash holiday. People throw out their big trash items to be picked up by the city only before the city gets a chance too other people drive around and accumulate crap. So why not take advantage of this?

Lynn, Jesse, Spenser and I drove around Edwardsville picking up every cool thing we found. A porch swing. Windows. An undefinable box with glass doors on wheels. We also may have stolen city property by taking one of those water department stand ups with the flashing light (note we didn’t use this for anything out of fear of being arrested)

 and thus Re•al•i•ties and PFT were born!



I’ll leave you with this…What is acceptable?

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