That’s embarrassing…

I’ve had too many embarrassments to count but here are a few chuckles for you.

– I was walking to gym class one day when out of no where I fainted. Just hit the pavement and came too a few minutes later. I’ve never really fainted since so I’m not really sure why it happened.
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Dorm Daze: The Opening Weekend

When discussing people you’ll remember for the rest of your life you might as well start from the beginning.

Moving into the dorm my sophomore year I had to requests. 1. That I get the same room and 2. That my smelly ex roommate wasn’t also in said room. It worked!!!!

When it came time to move I was required to let my mom help me even though she wouldn’t be lifting anything. Apparently if you don’t let your crazy parent help you move into the dorm it can be traumatizing for them. So I was forced into letting Teresa ‘help’ me move into to my room.
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Homecoming Woes

When I was a freshman in high school my neighbor was crowned Homecoming King. In fact most of the guys who grew up on my street had been on Homecoming court, so obviously I had to make sure I would too. Each year a new court was appointed and I got closer to my chance.

When I came back from summer vacation for my senior year it was time to go to work. I had to make sure to go to work immediately. Step one be fucking nice to all the seniors, especially people who were my friends at the time and formerly friends. Who better to vote for you than someone who already likes you? Step two make trades, it’s simple really you tell someone you’ll vote for them if they’ll vote for you. Then you make sure you both promise to keep it to yourself and you’re set.
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Why I Speech!

While that may seem like the wrong word perhaps I should have said ‘Why I Speak’ it’s not. I’m referring to why I still help with the speech team at GCHS. Although it’s been ten years since I was a senior at Granite it’s still always a surprise.

It’s nice that Quiggs has me as one of her go to people for judging and helping to coach the kids who want to do better. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have wanted me too.

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House of Whores!

Once upon a time God planned for Spenser Greentree, Jesse Askew and Jessica Clark to live together and for me to sleep on their couch. The following pictures are real and actually occured. Before you judge us just know we were the party!

A party girl once said – “This is the worst Theater party ever they aren’t even wearing costumes”

To that girl we say fuck you bitch! We don’t need costumes to have a good time just look!
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