Shhh! It’s Gossip! Week 2


John Boehner received the eye roll of the century from Michelle Obama. It’s nice to know she’s as fed up as the rest of us.


NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men are going on tour together. Milli Vanilli is on deck.


Leo Decaprio is going to take a long break from acting. So take that award voters! Now who will you nominate but never let win?


Beyonce lip synced during the presidential inauguration…oh lawd what will happen during the Super Bowl.


Kris Jenner is getting her own talk show…they’re just giving these away I expect my offer soon.


JJ Abrams will direct the new Star Wars film….I wonder if there will be polar bears….


Steve Carrell will not be returning for the final season of The Office…nor will the audience.


Casey Anthony filed bankruptcy…it’s nice to know you can commit murder, get away with it and not have to pay for anything.


Sarah Palin was let go from FOX News…can it get any lower?


This is the girl for the new Girl Meets World!


Mean Girls the Musical is a possibility according to Tina Fey…let us all rejoice!


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