Dorm Daze: The Opening Weekend

When discussing people you’ll remember for the rest of your life you might as well start from the beginning.

Moving into the dorm my sophomore year I had to requests. 1. That I get the same room and 2. That my smelly ex roommate wasn’t also in said room. It worked!!!!

When it came time to move I was required to let my mom help me even though she wouldn’t be lifting anything. Apparently if you don’t let your crazy parent help you move into the dorm it can be traumatizing for them. So I was forced into letting Teresa ‘help’ me move into to my room.

Got to the room and unloaded my belongings and then it was off to Wal*Mart to get the things I didn’t have yet. On the way out we ran into Candace who lived across the hall from me. She says I told her I loved purple, she had purple everything I think I was just making sure I was friends with the crazy red head across the hall. One thing I do know for sure during Candace and I’s very loud conversation was that her mom hated me. I could just tell…

The Wal*Mart trip consisted of me coming up with reasons of why I needed things.
‘Yeah I need all this food the vending machines are always empty. Don’t you remember when I ran out of food money last year? This will help that'(real reason…Wesley loves his Starbucks and buying food helps Wesley get Starbucks)
‘Yeah I need all this soda and water. What if I get dehydrated? You’ll feel bad knowing you didn’t get me this stuff'(I really am afraid of dehydrating)
‘Yes we need to go to Slackers and buy me Mario Party for N64. How else will I entertain?’

Needless to say it was like moving in twice because I used her emotions against her and got a bunch of shit I wanted. Once we had returned Candace was right there questioning me on whether I had seen my roommate yet. I hadn’t but I wasn’t overly worried I was too preoccupied with how much shit I’d accumulated.

Eventually I did meet my roommate Mike. I could tell from the moment we met we would get along fine. Mostly because after smelling the air I noticed he didn’t have an odor like previous roommater and frankly that’s all I cared about.

The first day is the best! So many introductions and wondering who will actually be your friend for the long haul. I already knew two other people on my wing. Whitney from high school and Codi from Showplace 12. So that was good at least I would have familiar faces.

We had a gathering in our room after we got our TV all set up to watch Scary Movie 3. While I wouldn’t have selected it out of all of my movies this weird kid Zach did. I’m pretty sure you all remember him! We also got the first noise violation of the year…because on a Friday night before school has even started you need to be quiet.

The following night it was decided that we would go on an adventure. But why wait to leave to have the adventure to begin. While horseplaying in the hallway Ellen managed to set off the fire alarm. Without even a second thought Ellen ran away. Candace and I bolted into my room and locked the door. Leaving Mike and JD to fix it and somehow they did.

Candace, Ellen, JD, Mike and I packed into my car and went to Denny’s. surprisingly our waiter was a dick so we hid the tip all over the table. Then the only other obvious thing to do which would be to go to the gates of hell. Which is always an amazing time. Someone confused a old boot for a horses head and according to the graffiti someone would like us to lick balls.

We got back to the dorm only to have people coming and going from mike and I’s room drunk of course.

According to my vintage blog on xanga we came up with nicknames for the weirdos at the end of the hall. McCandace, Hellena, Fimothy, Johnathong, LaMichaela and Wesley. It’s awesome that my name couldn’t be changed.

For those of you whom I haven’t mentioned yet in this. Don’t worry your time will come. We had plenty of stories and if there is one in particular you want to have on here please comment and let me know.


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