Three Day Bender

After a horrifyingly stressful work week I was ready to party on Thursday. Starting off with the always amazing All U Can Drink in which Alex was supposed to drink with me but then had to work only to be off early and drink with me. I’m fairly certain I wasn’t drunk but considering the fact the I slept until 2 pm on Friday…I must have been. It’s really all a blur.

Once I got my ass up I basically had enough time to tragically hangover eat before meeting up with Alex and Christian to see The Hobbit at the Moolah. It was in 3D I’m not really sure what exactly made people feel sick I thought the movie looked really good just didn’t need to really be 3 hours long.

By the time the movie got out it was time to drank

A great poet once wrote:
“Pictures of last night
Ended up online
I’m screwed
Oh well
It’s a blacked out blur
But I’m pretty sure it ruled
Last Friday night
Yeah, we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot”

That pretty much sums up Friday. But here are some details you may need to know.

Christian and Paul over poured me. Not to be mean but just to get me shit faced(it worked). I may or may not have (I did) vomit because it just needed to happen. I immediately left to go to Alex’s house to pass the fuck out.

While passed out Ryan and Alex thought it would be hilarious to throw cheese balls at me while I was passed the fuck out. For real who does that?!? In all fairness Ryan did say my mouth open so he had to throw them to try and get one in there.

The next morning when we all finally came back to life(except Ryan he apparently had a red bull so he only slept for like three hours then just pretended to sleep) It was time for some food. So where else would one go when hungover as fuck. BLUES CITY DELI!!!! It’s amazeballs.

This was followed by hours of lounging until the terrible awful occurred. I can’t really talk about it here because I don’t want to get slapped again(more on that later). Thankfully Laura wanted to drive me home to change and shower because I really don’t know if my ass would have made it back to the city if she hadn’t.

She took this picture of my dogs exploring themselves while I was in the shower…
Aren’t they adorable?

We had an adventure in the Walmart in GC because she had never been and it’s an out of this world experience really…
Walmart 2
I mean I wish I had thought to wear black and white camo pants

Walmart 1
Yeah this is happening

Walmart 3
Bitch not even five seconds after this picture she crash head on with a shopping cart sending it flying across the entry way. I bolted like a mother fucker, I turned because she yelled wait. Bitch was still in the wheelchair chasing after me. Sometimes I just can’t stop laughing at her…in the you’re fucking hilarious way.

So it was back in the car before we got arrested and on to game night.

Game night which consisted of more drinking and gabbing than games but it’s fine. Also why is it that no one bothered to tell me that it’s no longer funny to text a fake break up when your friend leaves their phone open?!? This would have been nice to know before I made Tiffany pissed at me(still sorry) but now I know just stick with a nice solid Herpes text.(except that I’ll never do that to Tiffany again…once she starts talking to me)

Group shot 2
I ain’t go no time for shots

group shot 2

We did manage to play one game of Sardines. I hid on the balcony Danny found us…
sardines 2
Then locked us outside…I mean it wasn’t that cold or anything.
Game Night 1
Romantic sliders!

Game Night 2
I mean who says onion rings can’t also be tit rings?!?
Game Night 3
Would you like some cream with that?

Game Night 4

Game Night 5
oh look a peaceful moment!

Game night 6
High school prom
game night 7
Dare dance style

I did forget to mention that Laura had baby Jesus buckled in the back seat…why not bring Baby Jesus to the party?

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus 3

Baby Jesus 2

Connie somehow managed to hide right behind Alan in the group shot picture but she was there and as saucy as ever. Game night wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the bars duh.

Club 1

club 2

club 3

club 4


I left not too long after to go say hey to Alex before going home only to be slapped in the face because of the terrible awful…for real? I mean I’ve always wanted my life to be like Melrose Place and just go around slapping people…but I’m supposed to be Amanda Woodward


and less Alison Parker


Here are some pics of a car ride I feel like would have stressed me out but I would laughed at everything that came out of their mouths…

cab 3

cab 2

cab 1

cab 4

Yeah when you roll with me and my friends shit get’s crazy.

Anyone know anyone who produces reality shows? Because we are looking to be cast in one!

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