Acting 101

Tonight I bless you with an amazingly sad, true and hilarious story.

As most of you know I have a love for the Theatre. I love the process, I love expressing my creative energy(blog hello), I love having people watch me.

Well it all started back in 1993. Oh what a year. The movie Free Willy came out, you may recall it. Well I wanted to be Jesse! What kid didn’t want to be best friends with an Orca? I told my parents that I wanted to work with Keiko(the whales real name). My mom told me I wasn’t very good at science and it would take a lot of science to become a Marine Biologist and I’d be better being an actor then I could be in movies with animals.

(This will be the title of my future book)
((Also how many blog posts do you have to do before you get a book deal))(((Anyone know anyone who gives people money to write, call me!)))

Well my big break came in 4th Grade. Mrs Carli(coolest teacher ever) cast me as a donkey in a play. I got my head chopped off. It was amazing for a ten year old. I mean I got to die on stage who wouldn’t love that.

Well I had to wait another five years for an opportunity. Seriously Mrs Carli couldn’t get the talent scouts in the room for that performance?!?

When I auditioned for my first Homecoming play for High School, The Curious Savage, I don’t think the world had seen a more over confident freshman ever. I went into the audition thinking I was Doug’s sister Judy. tumblr_lgfln6QFvR1qeinmqo1_500

For real role model! So when they called my name I strutted my shit up to the stage. I may have even done some of these.

Yeah that happened. So I get up there and they assign our roles to read and this came out of my mouth.

“Umm before I begin can I get my character’s motivation? Who is he? What does he want with these other people?”

Little did 14 year old me know that you’re actually supposed to read the play before you audition for the show. That those questions are supposed to be obvious before hand.

Needless to say I didn’t get cast in that show….

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