Nerds to some, Visionaries in our own mind

Growing up was a weird experience. You’ll learn a lot about my childhood soon I promise. While many may shutter at the thought of learning about people’s childhoods I can tell you that I promise that while it may at times seem completely untrue trust that childhood stories will all be factual.

Today’s story comes to you by the randomness that is life. At the very end of November I wrote on an old friend’s wall about how we used to be the biggest nerds ever. Well life sometimes just fully brings pack the memories in a nicely bundled package.

While cleaning out my brothers room to make room for the new treadmill I stumbled across a major blast from the past! Now before you look at this picture know that this is what kids did in the late 90’s when unchaperoned. Because back then kids could be left alone at home for hours unattended and not get called or text every five minutes to make sure everything’s ok(mind you my mom does this now that i’m 27 and not when i was a kid)


Now most of you are currently searching your parents basements trying to find your beads and plastic lacing you should know something. This was more than just crafting for fun. While most kids at that time made them to hang off of their backpacks we saw more. That’s right Casey, Sara, Michael and myself saw an opportunity. We saw personality.

So every step had to be done carefully because the color patterns mattered for their characters to come alive. Now while I couldn’t tell you what all of the lizards in this pictures names are I can tell you laughs were plentiful.

Now the real work wasn’t making the lizards themselves it was scripting. Thats right! Every movie needs a script. (every part of me wishes I would have found the damn scripts because those are truly cinematic gems I’m sure) After the scripts were completed and filled with dramatic dialogue and epic battles. Shooting would begin.

We were unlucky in the sense that we didn’t have a recording studio to dub the voice tracks after filming. We also didn’t have a special effects team to make the lizards move a lot. What we did have was imagination and a video camera. So while we tried to do all the different voices without screwing up the lines or film the action scenes without everything going…sometimes shit would go wrong very wrong. So you’d have to rewind and film over the flubs.

I hope I can find the tapes that they’re on because I will figure out how to upload them because they’re truly hilarious. So cross your fingers that they’re found.

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