First and Foremost


Rather than saying welcome or coming up with some crazy existential opening or being lame by starting this thing off with a quote. I’m going to say thanks. Thanks for the support of starting this blog and thanks for actually clicking the link to check it out.

When asked people described me by saying I was – Delightful, Truthful, Unforgettable, Hilarious, Sassy, Vivacious, Animated, Bold, Witty, Unpredictable, Fantastic and Loud. Well that’s exactly what you should expect to find in this blog. Expect to know when I’m happy and when I’m less than that. Feel free to leave comments, questions or concerns but know this is not a blog to hate on me. This blog is for me to express my thoughts and concerns and it’s for those people who can’t get enough from me to get their fix. Like crack addicts you will keep coming back.

Please know up front that I will sometimes teeter on the edge of offensive. When this happens don’t turn away completely just wait till the next dose of comedic relief.

So if you were ever wondering to yourself ‘what would it be like to live in Wesley’s brain for a day’ well this is about as close as you’re going to get.

The whole idea of starting a blog is just so crazy and monumental because you never know would could happen. At first I was like…


That transitioned into…


Which became….


So here we are! Shit’s gonna get real and fast so buckle up.

I guess the most important way to close this would be to ask you the reader what your expectations are from this blog what do you want to see? Maybe we can reach a mutual agreement of awesome ideas to explore together.

So let the social experiment begin!


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